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    [1000] Imperial Guard

    Hi there,

    I've been putting together some fluff for the new guard army I plan to collect. My army will be snow and arctic warfare specialists and as a result i dont want to use large, unmanouverable platoons so i've put together my first 1000 point list. here goes....


    allow storm troopers, grenadiers, veterans, drop troops


    command platoon - 100 pts
    junior officer with honorifica imperialis, 4 man squad with heavy bolter


    grenadier squad 1 - 223 pts
    10 man stormtrooper squad, 2 plasma guns, chimera transport with multilaser, hull heavy bolter, extra armour, smoke launchers, hunter killer missile.

    grenadier squad 2 - 233 pts
    10 man stormtrooper squad 2 melta guns, chimera transport with multilaser, hull heavy bolter, extra armour, smoke launchers, improved comms


    Veteran squad 1 - 130 pts
    10 man veteran squad, 3 plasma guns, heavy bolter, drop troops

    veteran squad 2 - 140 pts
    10 man veteran squad, 3 melta guns, lascannon, drop troops

    Heavy support

    Leman russ - 170 pts
    hull lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, extra armour

    I have given my veterans drop troop ability incase I cant infiltrate them into cover. This is why one of the chimeras has improved comms. All advice would be most helpfull but I want to keep the list as eliteist and manouverable as possible. Thanks in advance

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    you still got anouther doctirne left....... May work but i think you might end up running into trouble with it. You should add anouther lemman russ at least, drop a chim or something because a single lemman russ will die very very quickly. Rember that you only have 6 total squads in your army, meaing each squad is going to be takeing quite alot of fire and dieing pretty quickly. And if something reaches your lines for cc your screwed ( well this is normally the case but you normally at least stand a chance just because you have SO many men) Playing your list will take a fair amount of skill to lead it to victory, one mistake and your in a world of trouble.
    Good luck with it
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    1st of all, if you have a free doctrine there is usualy no reason not to take Iron Discipline. for 5 points it will allow anybody in range to regroup under half strength, and as Greenbeard suggested, Storm Troopers is a wasted doctrine as you have not taken any.

    To be honest, your list is a little thin on the ground, which is fine - but as a guard newcomer you may find it difficult to win. Your only line troops are veterans, which only lay down a small amount of fire and will suffer in close combat, and a single Russ will probibly only get 1 round off (if you get first turn) before an army's worth of AT hits it. I like the idea of a ST/Vet combo, but as a newcomer I think you will quickly find that guard are not tough enough to be built like an SM list. I know people who have success with grenadier lists, but you are generaly better off with a solid troop line.

    The merits of this army are that it should be a relativley cheap starter army if you feel guard are not your cup of tea, and it is also a great start if you wish to expand.

    This list could work if played tacticaly, but I would first suggest giving your squads chameleoline, the fire-base of your army is small and can infiltrate, so the chances are you will never be out of cover. For 10pts per squad it gives your infantry +1 cover save, but all squads eligable need to take it (everything but the STs in you case), so it is perfect.

    Also, try to be less point heavy on the tanks for a start, at 1000pts you cannot afford 2 103pts Chimeras, and your Russ is also a bit overweight at this points level, try to cut them down a bit, and consider the role of you Chimeras' role on the battlefield, as you have bought their presance with the blood of your Leman Russ.

    If they intend to run in and deploy STs, I would lose the hunter killer and improved comms for sure (your vets are not tooled out for deepstriking anyway), and consider trading the multilaser for a heavy flamer if it intends to get up close and personal.

    If they are being used as fire support platforms, lose the extra armour and possibly the smoke and give it a second HB. But I would suggest that a second russ is more valuble than the second Chimera if this is the case. With some of the upgrades gone off all tanks you could afford it.

    If you can rework the army and skim the points down, HW support squads and sentinels are a nice way to fill the HW void left by a lack of infantry platoons.
    Last edited by Xethemez; January 6th, 2006 at 00:10.

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