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    [2000] Doctrines (need help choosing)

    Weel, I've assembled an 1850 point army, and I need your guys help on deciding what tank I should get next. I play against mostly MEQs, some Tau, some Eldar and another IG player or two. My list is as follows, then I will post my ideas for whst to get next.

    Doctrines: Drop Troops, Close Order Drill. Sharp Shooters, Allow Ratlings, Veterans
    (Any unit that can have COD orDTs does; I'm not going to type it out.)

    Command Platoon: 572
    HSO - BP, PW, Mach Cross, Ref Field
    2MG, PG, Medic
    Commissar - BP, PW, Ref Field

    3x HBs w/ SS
    3x ACs w/ SS
    3x MLs w/ SS
    3x LCs w/ SS

    Veterans 1: 138
    3Flamers, 3Shotguns, 3LP+CCW
    Sarge - LP, CCW, Honorifica

    Veterans 2: 103
    3GLs, 6LGs
    Sarge - LP, CCW, Surveyor

    Ratlings: 110
    10 Ratlings

    Armored Fist: 191
    VSarge - PP, CCW
    Chimera - Turret AC, HHB, Pintle HS, Smoke

    Platoon: 348

    Command Sqaud
    JO - PP, CCW

    Squad 1
    VSarge - PP, CCW

    Squad 2
    VSarge - PP, CCW

    Squad 3
    VSarge - PP, CCW

    Basilisk: 145
    Indirect, Improved Comms

    Leman Russ: 182
    HLC, HBS, Rough Mod, Pintle HS

    Total: 1850

    What I was thinking of purchasing next was divided between 3 choices: another Basilisk, a Hellhound, or a Demolisher. The first two because they are fun to use, the third because I get to face alot of deepstriking Termies, and I believe the 2AP will help alot. Well, any thoughts?

    "Through most of the war we fought as nobles might. Never betraying, never decietful. But there came a point where tripping the soldier next to you might mean another day of life..."

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    I would go with the demolisher personally. Another Basilisk would work well however it would leave your Leman Russ as the only target of your enemies heavy weapons. Having a demolisher and a standard russ would give them two targets to worry about and split their fire between. Another suggestion I have deals with your command platoon. If I were you, I would put the 3 lascannons from your command platoon into your troop squads so you can give them a little more protection. Plus, you dont have any heavy weapons in your troop squads so you have the room for them.

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