Hi all, been thinking up army lists after reading through the forums and all of the tactica on the marines. I'm on a bit of a budget, so I'm using what I've got to work with. Please feel free to add any ideas on changes to the list or any potential additions on my way up to the 1850 range.

Traits: See, but don't be seen.
We Stand Alone.

Chaplain w/Command Squad: 350 Points
-1 Chap. with Bolt Pistol, Auspex, Homing Beacon
-1 Vet. Sargent w/Powerfist
-2 Vet. Marines w/Plasma Pistols
-1 Company Champion
-5 Marines w/ CC & Bolt Pistol
-1 Drop Pod
Purpose: Generally to drop in, pay a visit, and assualt. Homing beacon for Termies.

Tactical Squad 1: 190 Points
-1 Marine w/ Meltagun
-9 Marines w/ Bolters
-1 Drop Pod
Purpose: Drop in close to lines and rapid fire.

Tactical Squad 2: 90 Points
-5 Marines w/ Infiltrate
Purpose: Fire support, to run blocking for devistator squad.

Terminator Squad: 220 Points
-1 Saregent w/Power Sword
-1 Termie w/Assault Cannon & Powerfist
-3 Termies w/ Storm Bolters & Powerfists
Purpose: Deep strike in, provide support & compliment HQ.

Devistator Squad: 150 Points
-2 Marines w/Bolters, Infiltrate
-3 Marines w/Missile Launchers, Infiltrate
Purpose: Setup in a good position and fire.

Total: 1000 Points.

The general tactical approach is to use a blitzkreig attack, using the Devistator to soften, and the Pods and Termies to take the fight to them. Tactics can be changed if necessary, by shifting around the tac squads. Just after putting up the list, I see that one thing may be shifting around the powerfist, but I 'm not sure yet.

Thanks in advance for all critiques, whether positive or negative.