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Thread: 1850 BT army

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    1850 BT army

    ok i've been fiddling around with some different ideas, but I like this set-up the best so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:

    HQ: 396

    Reclusiarch w/ Jump Pack, bolt pistol, Melta Bomb: 121

    Marshall w/ Termi armor and Lightning Claws: 135

    Emporers Champion with Accept any challenge, no matter the odds Vow: 140

    Elites: 252

    6 Assault termies ( 4 with claws, 2 with hammers) w/ Furious Charge: 252

    Fast Attack: 289

    1 squad of 5 Assault Marines w/ meltabombs and plasma Pistol: 126

    1 squad of 6 Assault Marines w/ meltabombs, plasma pistol, and power fist: 163

    Troops: 645

    3 squads of 10 Drop Podding Inititates w/ Melta Guns and Power fists: 645

    Heavy Support: 268

    Land Raider Crusader w/ smoke launchers: 268

    Total: 1850

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    Those termies are DEAD. Your starting the game with a 265 point target as your only deployment? That is of course unless you put those low model assault squads down. Are the termies teleporting. If not they will end up slogging i.e. shot to pieces after the LRC is blown to bits. Turn two your dropping pods near the smoking heap. Are the Assault Marines DS also. They are small squads that will have to stand and recieve a hail of fire. Two failed saves and they are already checking morale. Oh and were is the Champ going? He can't mount with the terminators in the LRC.


    1. Make the termies a marshall retinue in a DP. If you want them at all....
    2. Combine the two assault squads into one with chaps.
    3. Drop a Marine out of one dp to make room for the champ.
    4. Drop the LRC and add another dp squad.

    I am a foot slogger myself as I have a ton of rhino's. I am in the process of assembling my DP's The one thing that is certain for us BT guys. Everyone needs to DP/deepstrike if we are doing it at all. Your anti-armor will come by melta-guns, PF and melta bombs. I also drop a lascannon/missle dread with my group just in case. You won't win against an armored company but hey...who does.

    If you want fire support and you are fixated on tanks two whirlwinds in cover will do far more than that LRC.

    I don't have any.....yet(dang they are cool looking).... but I also have been mulling over infitrating the sword bro's.

    Hope this helps.

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