[2000] Blood Angels - friendly & bloody - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hrimfar Kristofer's Avatar
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    [2000] Blood Angels - friendly & bloody

    Battleforce Darius


    Master of Sanctity Astus – 251 pts
    Terminator Honours, Boltpistol, jump pack, teleport homer, Deathcompany with jump packs

    High Priest Darius – 121 pts
    Powerweapon, bolt pistol, combat shield, teleport homer, terminator honours

    Honour Guard Nobilis – 291 pts
    7 veteran space marines, jump packs, 2 meltaguns, 2 power weapons, veteran seargent, powerfist,


    Terminator Squad Caetes – 285 pts
    6 Terminators w. 2 Assultcannons, 1 chainfist


    Tactical Aquad Alpha – 253 pts
    10 tactical Marines, veteran seargent, teleport homer, plasmagun, heavy bolter, rhino, smoke launchers

    Tactical Squad Beta – 190 pts
    10 tactical Marines, veteran seargent, teleport homer, plasmagun, missile launcher

    Scout Squad Zeta – 95 pts
    5 scouts, 4sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher

    Fast Attack

    Scoutbike squadron Vortex – 108 pts
    4 Scoutbikes, meltabombs

    Heavy Support

    Baal Predator Invictus – 128 pts
    Twin-linked assultcannon, Heavy bolters, smoke launchers, extra armour

    Vindicator Destruchian – 128 pts
    smoke launchers

    Venerable Dreadnought Celistus – 148 pts
    Twin-linked lascannon, stormbolter, dreadnought close combat weapon, smoke launchers

    Totalt: 1998 pts

    I've played some games with this army, when I face Andusciassus I usually take a librarian to - psychic hoods rocks! Else it's a quite effective army for taking ground and advancing - not anything that really needs to stay behind...

    I've grown boored of the list at the present and want to have some advice as to new elements that I don't have.

    [I might add that I'm going to face his lost and damned pretty soon (one leeman, one basilisk and one Defiler). What to do?]

    Blood Angels

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    Why not add some Land Speeders? Preferably Tornados.
    They have always added a positive twist to my list, and by the looks of your list,
    I'm pretty sure they will juice up your list as well!


    Records as of Jan 1st 2006:
    Blood Angels: 10-2
    Biel-Tan Eldar: 1-0
    Necrons(Recently sold)

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