well i used to play eldar and just got around 1000 pts BT for 20 canadian. I want to expand it so
it will be around 1500-2000. also i will be joining Wraith of Righteous campaign in Canada with this army.

now with what i have. (all unpainted so i'll be painting them all night after my exams are over)

1 terminator chaplain (advice on equips please)

5 cc Terminators 3 LC, 2 TH (trying to get bits for all LC)

9 ccw initiates 1 melta 1 power fist

5 ccw neop

5 bolter initiates 1 with missile launcher

1 plasma gun intiate (i forgot where this belongs to)

5 assault initiates: 2 plasma pistol 1 power fist

note: Initiates are spacemarines and neopathes (or however it's spelled) are scoutes and are attached to cc initiates.

now i need information to what i should add and nice army list.

(yes i do have the codex)