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    1850pt DH for show

    Can you look and say about downsides and good things of this army? There i will have a problem? Which unit i must change and why?
    Thank you

    INQUISITOR LORD (bolt pistol,power weapon,holocaust,1 familiar,1 acolyte,2 sage and 2 warriors with plasma cannon and H

    5 GREY KNIGHT TERMINATORS (psycannon,brother captain)

    2X6 GREY KNIGHTS (justicar, 2 psycannon)

    3 LAND SPEEDER TORNADO (heavy bolter, assault cannon)

    GREY KNIGHTS CRUSADER (pintlle stormbolter,smoke launchers)
    PREDATOR ANNIHILATOR (sponsons lascannons,hunter missile)
    DREADNOUGHT (lascannon,missile launcher,incinerator,extra armor)

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    The biggest problem is that your list isn't legal. You can't include "allied" Space Marine units in a Daemonhunters army that also contains Grey Knight units. The only way to have both Space Marine units and Grey Knight units in the same army is to make the parent (primary) army Space Marines, at which point you can take a limited number of "allied" Daemonhunters units (e.g., 1 Grey Knights Teleport Squad).

    It looks like you're trying to add both armor and speed to your Daemonhunters army. Both laudable goals as both are notable weaknesses in the army. However, you can use your Grey Knights to fill in gaps quite effectively. You probably don't need much extra armor if you're willing to splurge on both a LRC and a dread, so what you really need is speed. For this purpose, I'd take either some storm troopers in Rhinos or Chimeras ... or some allied Sisters of Battle units from the Witch Hunters. Depending on what you take, you could also get some good armored firepower, too. The Sisters are phenomenal shooters at short range, and they have lots of transport options to get them there. (Sisters in Rhinos, Celestians or Dominions in Rhinos or Immolators.) One of my favorite units in the entire game is Seraphim....

    As for what remains that is legal, the thing that stands out the most is how you have equppied your Inquisitor Lord. He's been decked out for close-combat duty, while your combat servitors have been decked out for long-range shooting. You should choose the role you'd like the unit to play and fully devote it one way or another. Assuming you are going to take either Space Marines or Grey Knights, you will probably find that the most effective build will be for shooting, in which case you should give the Inquisitor a psycannon, take another warrior, and possibly take a mystic as well. Drop the Holocaust and familiar, too. If you take any power on a shooty inquisitor, I'd take Word of the Emporer to prevent you from being charged. The acolyte is kinda hanging there, too, unless you give him some kind of weapon -- a storm bolter? -- that adds to the usefulness of the unit.

    However, if you want a close-combat Inquisitor and retinue, than I'd exchange the combat servitors you do have for different ones. Try and take another one and more acolytes, too. Give the acolyte(s) better armor to keep the majority armor save as beneficial as possible. You'll also want to get such a unit a transport, probably a Rhino in this case.

    I personally don't like giving my PAGKs psycannons. Some people do, but I think it's a waste of points -- each psycannon is worth another Grey Knight entirely, and you also lose the STR 6 NFW and extra CC combat on the model that takes the psycannon. Plus, any time you move the psycannon's range is cut in half, to less than that of the storm bolters. I think psycannons go better on dedicated fire support units (like inquisitors), and I don't like using my GKs in that role. As I said, some people do, but that seems like a sadly suboptimal use of these guys.
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    Just repeating, mostly:

    -You cannot have Grey Knights and Space Marines in a Daemonhunters army. See page 21 of the DH codex, under "Allied Space Marines".

    -You cannot have Grey Knight Vehicles without a Grey Knight Hero as an HQ choice. See page 32 of the DH codex, on the left sidebar. You can solve this by changing the Elite GKT unit to an HQ choice for no change in points.

    -Even if you were allowed to take SM in this army, you've taken the SM vehicles illegally. To use Landspeeders, Predators, & Dreadnoughts (as well as any of the non-Troops choices) from the SM list, you must include at least two SM Troops choices. See page 30-31 of the DH codex, in the bottom box.

    -The Dreadnought. I don't know if this is supposed to be a GK Dreadnought or an SM Dreadnought. SM Dreadnoughts cannot take Incinerators, only Heavy Flamers. And when you upgrade ANY Dreadnought's arm to a Missile Launcher, you lose the ability to give them a third weapon (stormbolter, heavy flamer, incinerator) altogether.

    -The Lord should be geared to match his retinue. If you want them to be shooty, I suggest that the Lord is given a Psycannon & Auspex, and NOTHING else. 2 Sages, 1 Mystic, and 3 Gun Servitors for a retinue is the standard mix.

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