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    1850 BT rip it apart if needed!

    ok I think this looks good on paper, but I have yet to try it out.

    Marshall w/ lightning claws and termi armor: 135
    EC w/ Accept any challenge: 140

    Elites: 664
    x7 Assault Termies (5 w/ claws and 2 w/ hammers) w/ furious charge: 298
    LRC: 268
    Dreadnought w/ TL las and ML and smoke: 138

    Troops: 736
    10 Initiates w/ p fist and melta gun in rhino w/ smoke: 238
    10 Initiates w/ p fist and melta gun in rhino w/ smoke: 238
    10 Initiates w/ 10 Neophytes: 260

    Heavy Support: 128
    Vindicator w/ smoke: 128

    EC goes with squad of 20 with the vindicator and possibly the dread. I could have the 2 rhinos and LRC come up on the flank or make a wall infront of my troops. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not sure if that 20 man squad is such a great idea. First of all, and fairly irrelevent to what I have to say, it really should have at least a power fist stuck in it. More importantly, I don't know how well it fits in with the rest of your list. Your other 3 squads are mounted in transports, while this one has to foot slog it up the field with the Emperor's Champion. If you put them in a transport, that would be one more squad that your opponent has rushing at him, which probably means one more squad actually will make it through the barrage of fire. If you're using the squad to protect the dreadnought and vindicator... I'm sure that one of your Rhinos are going to get popped. That squad can hang out with your dread and vindicator.

    The dreadnought really ought to get, at least, tank hunters. Venerable would be nice as well. Tank hunters really can pay off big, the points are well worth it. Every time I paid for it I was glad I did, everytime I failed to pay for it I regretted it.

    While we're on the topic of tank busting, I don't know if you have enough. 2 meltaguns, a vindicator, and a dreadnought. Only one of them can reliably see a target first turn... you'll have a hard time with a tank heavy army I think.

    I'd really think about taking out the LRC with the terminators. That's squad is a little over 1/3rd of your points... if you're facing a fair amount of tank busting, that's 1/3rd of your points that aren't going to be doing much. If you want to keep it, I'd think about dropping the entire 20 man squad and buying a couple more tanks to stress your opponent's tank busting. I have a soft spot for mechanized lists, but I think they're probably better at being fun than competitive.

    While we're at it, Drop Pods are usually considered better than Rhinos. If you drop the LRC, either drop the Rhinos for Drop Pods or use the points to buy 2 more squads in Rhinos.

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