Plz review: AC list 1500 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Plz review: AC list 1500

    Should be about a 1500 list


    Command tank - Leman russ w/hvy bolter sponsons, lascannon hull, AT shells

    1 leman Russ w/hvy bolter sponsons, lascannon hull

    1 leman Russ w/hvy bolter sponsons, lascannon hull

    Fast attack:

    armoured fist squad w/lascannon, plasma
    armoured fist squad w/lascannon, plasma

    mounted on chimeras w/ multilaser and hull hvy bolter

    Hvy support:

    Basilsk w/ indirect fire
    Basilisk w/ indirect fire

    Tactics: use basilisk to take out any troops, armoured fists home in on enemy anti tanks straight away, and used as a minor distraction.Leman russ take down anything - first anti tanks, then vehicles, then troops.

    Should i get 3 sentinels w/ lascannons/autocannons/multilaser instead of the armoured fist squads?

    Suggestions/improvments welcome

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