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Thread: BT 1700p

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    Junior Member Urgrach's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
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    BT 1700p

    HQ: Chaplain (Master of Sanctity) 150p
    - Crozius Arcanum
    - Rosarius
    - Bolt pistol
    - Crusader Seals
    - Holy Orb of Antioch
    - Cenobyte Servitors x3

    HQ: Commander (Marshall) 115p
    - Crusader Seals
    - Holy Orb of Antioch
    - Power Weapon
    - Bolt Pistol
    - Combat Shield

    Command Squad (Led by the marshall) 203p
    - 9 Initiates
    - Frag grenades
    - BP & CCW
    - Meltagun x2
    - Sergeant w. terminator honours + Pfist x1
    (will be riding in the LCR)

    HQ: Emperors Champion 140p
    - Black Sword
    - Armour of Faith
    - Terminator Honours
    - crusader seals
    - frag grenades
    - bolt pistol
    Vow: Accept the challenge no matter the odds

    Elite: Dreadnought 118p
    - Pfist
    - Assault Cannon
    - Heavy flamer
    - Smoke Launchers

    Troop: Crusader Squad 122p
    6 Initiates
    - Bolters
    - Plasma Cannon
    - Plasma gun

    Troop: Crusader Squad (will be joined by the chappie and the EC) 225p
    - 10 Initiates
    - 3 Neophytes
    - BP & CCW
    - Pfist+BP x1
    - Meltagun x1
    - Frag grenades

    Fast Attack: Assault Squad 222p
    - 8 Initiates
    - BP&CCW
    - Meltabombs
    - Flamer x2
    - Pfist x1
    - Storm Shield x1

    Heavy Support: Predator Annihilator 133p
    - Turretmounted Twin-linked Lascannon
    - Sponsons Hbolters
    - Smoke Launchers

    Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader 268p
    - hullmounted twinlinked assault cannon
    - pintlemounted multimelta
    - pair of sponsonmounted hurricane bolter
    - PoTMS, extra armor
    - smoke launchers

    Don't got any rhinos, as i love the view of a lot of marines footslogging. The LRC is an exeption to this. :ninja:
    Though I'm not really sure if I got enough wounds in the army? But hopefully that won't be needed. Got a big crusader squad that will be led by the chappie and his servitors as well as the EC, hopefully the enemy will think again before shooting at this squad with a RZ at d6+3 which can be rerolled. And if he/she by any chance do concentrate on this squad, they will get whooped by some other BT sweetness. :yes:

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    Senior Member Brother Ares's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Who knows, but its dark and cold here
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    Nice hope it works out for yo ugo out and win some for Dorn, and the Emperor, Go Black Templars.
    «Ares is the only way to be happy.»

    Know Arise a Knight, and go forth and take your vengence

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