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    1k space wolves - friendly, need help!!!

    Wolf lord +
    Frost blade +
    Runic armour = 115p

    Blood claws x9 + wolf pack leader with blood claw necklace
    Blood claws x10
    Total = 150p

    Venerable dreadnought
    Search light =126p

    Wulfen x5 +
    Wolf pet x2 =126p

    Heavy support
    Predator annihilator +
    Smoke launchers +
    Search light = 124p

    Leman Russ
    3 Heavy bolters +
    Smoke launchers +
    Search light = 199p

    i havnt got all of the models here yet and I just wanna see what you lot think of it before i go and buy, help appreciated!!!

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    That list is illegal and doesn't make sense. For starters SW MUST have a squad of grey hunters. Secondly the wulfen are 13th company only, if you mean a wolf guard has it it is a 0-1 limit on the mark.

    You also don't have enough HQ's count the Ven. dreadnaught as the second HQ.

    Right, now onto the list:-

    You wolf lord is badly under powered, lose the runic armour and give him a belt of russ and bolt pistol (and possibly a wolf tooth necklace- I love these).

    I feel that you have too much heavy supoort, lose the Russ, and take some scouts with meltabombs.

    For cheap firepower take the grey hunters at base strenght and give them a razorback.

    With the spare points you could take a wolf guard bodyguard for the lord (give them bolt pistols and CC weapons)

    Hope this helps!

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