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    deamohunters 2000pts

    ok i'm putting up this list to see if you can helpme with it.. i'm a few points short and want to know whatyou think would go there. and if yousee anything wrong withthe listor that could be improved


    Grandmasterwith holocaust. with terminator retinue (5 terminators one with psycannon)
    420 pts

    Inquisitor lord- (combi melta and power sword)
    Retinue- 3 x Gun servitors (1 plasma,1 heavy bolter and 1 multi melta
    2 x Acolytes (1 with plasma pistol. other with hellgun and Power armour)
    1 X Sage


    Inquisitorin terminator armour with power sword, storm shield and holocaust

    2x deathcult Assassins
    80 pts

    Vindicare Asassin


    Grey Knights Squad- justicar5 grey knights with one psycannon with teleport homer

    Grey Knights Squad- justicar 6 grey knights with one incinerator with teleport homer

    Storm Trooper Squad - Veteran(boltgun and plasmapistol with close combat weapon)teleport homer
    plus 9 Storm troopers with hellguns
    Transport - Rhino with smoke launchers extra armour and hunter killer missile
    201 pts


    Grey Knight Dreadnaught- Twin linked Heavy blolter, psycannon bolts,incinerator, extra armour, smoke launchers and blessed
    153 pts

    Grey Knight Dreadnaught - twin linked lascannon, Missile Launcher, extra armour, smoke launcher and blessed
    158 pts

    total points = 1892 points

    this leaves me with 108 points still

    suggestions on where to use them and for what?

    my overall plan is to have the termis depstrike where their needed. hence the telepot homers. on grey knight squd is for larger numbers of poor armour troops and the other is suppression fire as they advance along with them or on a seperate objective (or alternativly to hold a position)

    the deathcult are their to get up close witha leader or something high valuea rmour and waste it. (hopefully) and the vindicare is to take out heavy weapon squads or powerweapon/fistleaders to hlep my knight survive. (i love this guy he always pays for himself usually twice over for me)

    the terminator inquisitor is for up close with holocaust.. might deepstrike might march him across.. behind cover

    the inquisitor lord is for standing back and shooting.. and if neseccery can advance closer to use his more devestating melta weapons.. or if chargedhe can hit back. sage is obvious for its use. the acolytes areeextrawounds. specially the power armoured one..

    the storm troopers are the adaptableunit. they can hold a position make a charge or back up a unit as needed.i wouldn't normally equip the sargent like that but the model i'm using has those weapons represented on himn so i'm giving him them.(WYSISYG rules)

    the dreadsare ther for support and to give some MUCH needed anti armoutr ability.

    the psycannon dread is for trops as is obvious from it's load out

    the missile and lascannon dread will stay back and provide fire support picking off enemy tanks/dreads/killerkans/and other vehicles

    so..any suggestions

    I got lost on the road of life

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    Shrubs for the Blood God Undead Bonzi's Avatar
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    There are a few things you could change in this list to make it more effective.

    1.Get another sage, if you got the plas cannon you need the second sage to reroll any misfires to keep things from blowing up.

    2. Your Shooty inquisitor is too mixed on its weapons loadout. It has power swords and meltas and bolters and plas cannons...ect.(each with diff effective range and target type) If the Inquisitor is to be shooty the best you can do is drop the power sowrds, meltas, and power armor(majority armor makes this useless). Give the lord a psycannon, x2 hvy Bolters, x1 plas cannon, 2 sage and 1 mystic. Thats about the most standard loadout for a shooty inquisitor.

    3. I personnally wouldn't throw that snd inquisitor in Tremi armor and such. you've got him loaded out to be a CC beast and GK's really don't need any CC help. Save some points, give him a pyscannon or something and have him join that IST squad.

    4.Your GK squads are a bit small for foot slogging. The enemy is gonna pound those squads and by the time they get to CC they're gonna be tiny.

    5.Give your IST's plasma and use them for anti+2saves, or give them meltas and go armor hunting with them, there's no real point in taking plan jane IST's.

    6.Turn your TL Hvy. Bolter Dread to an assault cannon dread. Assault Cannons rending rules make them far better anti-troop and even anti-armor than a Hvy. Bolter.

    7.Your army is extreamly weak on anti-armor for 2000 points, you might want to consider a second Lascanon Dread. Your also very short on models for 2000 points, you might want to recalculate your points to see if your right, and if you are then maybe look for some fat to trim off so you can field more units, your gonna be hugely outnumbered in a 2000 point game with this list (not that GK's ususally arn't, but your gonna be more so than usuall).
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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    A couple more things as well:

    1) In your elites choices you have a mix of shooty and CC units, i would suggest dropping the vindicare as they are rarely worth their points and replace it with a callidus or an eversor which are far better to be pals with your cc death cultists.

    2) As was previously said, you are short on anti tank. GK are very short on that anyway but your even shorter then normal. Drop the H.Bolter dreadnought in favour of an assault cannon one. As well as this you should consider putting in a third dreadnought with either the assault cannon or Missile launcher/lascannon combo.

    3) perhaps combine the two PAGK squads to make a bigger one as they are very small at the moment and will lose all CC potency from shooting by the time it counts.

    4) Give the IST two plasma guns for anti termies and such.

    5) your inquisitor retinues (as before mentioned) really need to be tooled up for one aspect of battle, i.e. shooting or CC, as if you attempt to gear them for both they lose potency.

    With the revisions suggeted your tactics should be simply to get the GK and termies to CC as quickly as possible and to support their advance with fire from the IST and the dreadies.

    You will be VERY heavily outnumbered even for a GK force which will make things difficult so keep that in mind,

    Hope this helps,


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