Ok, i've finally decided what I wanted my 500 pt. list to be for the beginning of an Escalation league. The army is well-rounded, having some assualty and some shooty. So, here's the list.

HQ: Emperors champion
-Uphold the Honour of the Emperor( May change further into the escalation)

8 marines, bolters, Multi-Melta

8 marines, bolters, Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack:
5 assault marines, bolt pistol + ccw

Total: 496 pts

The two troops will be there to lay down fire and mow things down while slowly moving up every so often. The Assault squad will be there to quickly move up, take out one of their squads, than attempt to take out another before dieing. The Emp's champ will move up behind the Assault squad and by the time the assault squad begins attacking the first squad he should be up there with them. I know that BT is more assualty, but I think this should be sufficient.