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Thread: new at 40k

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    new at 40k

    ive been playin gw games (whfb + lotr) for almost 2 years. one day i got the 40k rulebook just cause i wanted to learn the rules (didnt want macragge b/c of too many unpainted models on my shelves). i decided a couple weeks later that ill do space marines (ultramarines cause i wanted to start off basic) but im not sure where to start. I have no models atm cause i wanted to create an army list first. im planning to start off with a small block consisting of 1 hq and 2 tac squads of 10.
    if this is good or bad plz tell me PLUS i need to know what best to equip them with (cause theyre so damn versatile); so ur advice is much appreciated ^^
    fyi im planning on getting elites/vehicles l8r on cause i want to start off small (around 500 pts) i might be goin a bit far with this but any advice in general about sm or 40k would be gr8. newb needs help lol!

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    Hi and welcome, firstly you have posted in the wrong place, without an army list this should go in the SM area its self.

    Now, where to go,
    Ultra are a very good starting army, that is fine,
    obviously you will need codex SM

    Tricks, actually you are doing well, dont get dragged into "Toys for the boys" by looking at all the terminators, veterans etc, learn to use your troops, 2 boxes of 10 marines and a HQ is a good start, it is around 500 points, basic weaponry, the missile launcher is the prefered weapon for the troops, I would also use a plasma gun and probably give the sgt either a power fist or a power weapon.

    Beyond that, well you need to think how you want your army to play.
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    To get the most basic force I suggest a Chaplin ans two tactical squads.

    This give you the minimum requirements for an army.

    Where you go from there is down to how you play, if you go the assault route an assault squad may be a good idea, but if shooting is your thing a devastators may be an option.

    Tactical squads are so versatile, for heavy weapons the plasma cannon is the most versatile (it is a troop killer and can take on medium tanks).

    The missile launcher has a longer range (which is good), is cheaper and can take out tanks and troops (but it doesn't excel at either).

    The lascannon is your tank kiler,high strength and long range.

    The heavy bolter is your anti troop weapon, good range and lots of shots are its thing.

    I personally suggest the missile launch because its cheap and versatile so it can do whatever you ask of it.

    A sound peice of advise is to remember you can never have enough tactical marines, they can do anything.

    A popular tactic is to give the tactical sergeant terminator honours (just the honours not the armour), then give him a power fist and bolt pistol- this makes him fairly expensive but give the squad a killer close combat edge.

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