I got a large number of space marines when our local store had a sale as I was so impressed with the models. I have painted about 30 and still have around 40 to go. Its taking ages because I'm trying to get them looking like the ones in White Dwarf. Not too much success yet but they look ok.

I'm not keen on the appearance of the vehicles so I'm wanting to develop a force that is all infantry based. Without vehicles I thought I'd need some mobility so I've gone for drop pods and infiltrating troops. This means taking traits, so I think See but Don't be Seen and We Stand Alone. The force below is where I'm at with my thinking at the moment. Its a few points over but should be ok. The idea is to make up for lack of mobility with advantages in deployment. This is to be the stealthy spear head of supported by reinforcements arriving to exploit weaknesses in the enemy's position.

w Power Weapon + Combi-Meltagun
7 Marines
2 Lascannons
Total 301

2 Units Scouts
8 Scouts
8 Sniper Rifles
Total 288

3 Units Tactical
8 Marines
Veteran Sergeant w Power Fist and Combi-Meltagun
Drop Pod
Total 600

Heavy Support

2 Units Devastators
8 Marines
4 Heavy Bolters
Total 408

8 Marines
4 Lascannons
Total 284

TOTAL 1881