Hi, next week Im having a friend over to play some small 40k in 40 minutes games. He doesnt have very many models, only like 250 points, but I made two lists consisting only of the stuff I have, what I like to know is whether these lists are quite fair... of course they are approx the same amount of points and stuff, but if you spot a problem with one (or both) of them, please let me know.

PS. My goal is not neccesarily to make the two most effective lists out there, but to make two more or less equal lists that both are fun and maybe a bit challenging to play with.

ARMY 1: Space marines army
Trait: the one that gives you the option to take Bp + ccw over bolter, + one minor drawback that doesnt matter (my friend borrows my Codex at the moment, and I cant remember what they are called)

Chaplain, Reclusiarch - 86
Bolt pistol

Tactical squad with Rhino - 223
9 marines
7 ccw or 7 bolters (thoughts?)
power weapon for vet, meltagun
Smoke launcher

Scout squad - 91
7 Scouts
Bp + ccw

TOTAL: 400

Army 2: Black templars army

Black templars squad - 153
7 BT + 2 neo
5 ccw, power fist, flamer
Neophytes have ccw

Black templars squad - 96
5 BT
3 Bolters, Rocket launcher, plasma gun

Black templars assault squad - 150
6 BT
Power fist, storm shield

Total: 399

Thanks in advance