I would like to point out that whoever wishes to critisize my army in favour of a better tactic, please tell me the better tactic too. Otherwise I can't see the point to the 'better' formation.

HQ1- Arco Magus. Terminator Command Squad 439pts
-2nd Level Librarian with Terminor armour, Adamantine mantle, Master-crafted Combi-flamer, Purity seals. Powers: SotEW, FotA.
-Terminator Sergeant with Cyclone Missile launcher, Storm bolter, Lightning claw.
-Terminator with Assault cannon and Chainfist
-2 Terminators with Storm Bolter annd Power fist

HQ2- E's Wing. Command Squad 555pts
-2nd level Commander with Master-crafted Plasma pistol, Power weapon, Meltabombs, Jump pack, Artificer armour, Bionics, Terminator Honours, Frag grenades.
-Sergeant with Meltagun, Purity seals, Jump pack, Power fist, Auspex, Terminator Honours.
-Apocethary with Jump pack, Combi-Meltagun, Terminator Honours.
-Standard Bearer with Terminator Honours, Jump pack, Combi-Meltagun.
-Company Champion with Terminator Honours, Combat shield, Power weapon, Jump pack, Thunder hammer
-Marine with Meltagun, Krak grenades, Terminator honours.