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Thread: Blood Ravens

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    Blood Ravens

    This is my army so far, I'm wodering what I should add next

    -Chaiplain with jumpack, along with 8 man assault squad, with melta bombs.( Can I have also a vet sgt with a power weapon in this squad along with Chaiplain?)
    -Force commander

    -6 man terminator squad, hvy flamer and assault cannon

    -10 man tac squad with rhino, V sgt and a flamer
    -10 man tac squad without rhino

    Heavy Support
    -5 man Dev squad, 4 missile launchers
    -Predator, 2 lascanon on the sides and 1 twin linked on top

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    blood ravens help

    well, first of all I'm assuming you're using the space marine codex from 1998 because you are referring to your commander as a force commander. If you are using the old codex I suggest you buy the new one straight away otherwise read on.

    First of all I would suggest dropping the commander from the list since the chaplain can do well enough o his own, especially with a supporting assault squad. But if you want the leadership bonus to the whole army and that's why you chose him he'll do his job fine. Just don't expect him to do anything heroic in hth.
    Equip the Chaplain with a power weapon and bolt pistol.(never use a powerfist on an independent character).

    The terminator squads fine but I would probably drop the flamer in place of a second assault cannon and give the squad a drop pod. Once they come in you'll get 8 S6 rending shots at range 24" and 8 S4 storm bolter shots. Oouch. But otherwise the squads fine.

    Your troop selection is well-done. You should probably equip the vet. sergeant w' a powerfist. No scrap that, definately equip him with one, and drop the flamer in place of a plasma gun. For the second squad you should add a plasma gun but no heavy weapons. It will slow the squad down immensely. Tactical troopers are much more useful when mobile. Think about it, a ten man squad has a heavy weapon that can only be fired while stationary. If it fires the whole squad can't move that turn. They could have been charging forward rapid-firing massed death upon the emperor's foes with their holy bolt-guns. Otherwise you've done very well with the two squads.

    The Predator is good, keep it. The devestators on the other hand aren't. Heavy weapons are better on things that can move and shoot(e'g. dreads, land raiders , land speeders). Not to say they are way cheaper. Either increase the devestators numbers to 8 so the normal marines can take some bullets for them or drop the squad completely. It's your choice.

    What to get next?
    Your army is lacking in serious firepower. I suggest picking up two land speeder tornadoes. They are easy to use and very mobile. Divide them into two seperate squadrons and possibly add a third normal one.(Use the default set-up<Assault cannon,hv.bolter>) Never use a Typhoon.
    After that get a whirlwind. Best tank in the game against most armies. I'll try to explain how good it is. Just say you're vs. eldar. You have your whirlwind tucked away behind a building. Your turn comes around and you fire. You place the large blast marker over say a 200 point, 8man fire dragon squad. You have a 2 in 6 chance of hitting all of them otherwise you scatter 1D6". Just say you hit all 8 of them. You need 2+ to wound and auto-kill each one. On average you'll kill 6 or 7 in one turn. It happened to me the other day, I took out most of an army with my whirlwind alone. Use it against anything with 4+ save or worse. It will hit something 5 out of 6 turns take 2+ to wound on toughness 3 models.(e.g. IG, Nids, eldar, dark eldar) and auto-kill. It can do all that for a mere 85 points.
    Got all that, good.
    After that a dreadnought, another tactical squad, a vindicator. The list goes on and on. But I'll suggest getting those two first. I suggest looking around the site, especially the forum by chaosbrynn in space marine tactics.
    I hoped this helped.

    You have the base of great army that I'm sure will conquer many of the Imperium's foes. May the emperor's light gide you.

    P.S. The vet. assault sergeant can be equipped with a power weapon but he would do better with a powerfist.

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