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    Space Marines - 1000 - Friendly

    Space Marine 1000 - Friendly in the way that I'm unlikely to take it to tourneys. Please tell me if it seems beardy/cheesy. Fun > Win.


    Jump Pack
    Bolt Pistol
    Total 106


    Extra Armour
    Total 110


    Tactical Squad
    9 Marines (Sergeant)
    Missile Launcher
    Plasma Gun
    Total 155

    Tactical Squad
    9 Marines (Sergeant)
    Missile Launcher
    Plasma Gun
    Total 155

    Tactical Squad
    8 Marines (Sergeant)
    Missile Launcher
    Plasma Gun
    Total 140

    Fast Attack

    Assault Squad
    7 Assault Marines (Serg)
    Terminator Honours
    Power Weapon
    1Plasma Pistol
    Total 184

    Heavy Support

    Predator Annihilator 120
    Lascannon Sponsons
    Extra Armour
    Total 150

    Total Points 1000

    Found this rummaging through my old Warhammer documents, described as 'A mainly shooting force, with added assault for fun'.
    In retrospect it looks like 'Lots of big big guns, with a nice assault unit. Whatcha going to do against a Horde army you fool!'

    My thoughts
    - Change predator to the Autocannon + heavy bolters variant to create a mobile anti troop platform.
    - Add a Heavy bolter into one of the Tactical squads.
    - Keep all plasma guns and cross my fingers each turn I fire them. A little risk never hurt anyone.
    - With these changes 2 Missile launchers should be enough to take out any tanks in this sized game?

    Anyone else have some thoughts on this?

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    I like the original list better. The only thing I'd change is drop the LC sponsons on the Annhilator for Heavy Bolters, and use the points to upgrade the assault sgt to a power fist. Use the extra points for a handy upgrade or two on the characters or vehicles.

    Twin-las and 3 missile launchers will take out armor pretty well, you can add melta bombs for insurance if you want (too your characters, I mean).

    The only drawback is that if you use the ML's to target armor, the rest of the squad's firepower is squandered. The missile launchers will do fine at clearing out hordes, though, if you use the frag templates, so I don't think anti-horde is a problem. You have all those bolters, too!

    You might try putting the ML's in a small dev squad. To make up the points diff, you may have to drop a few troops from the tac squads. But you could probably still have 7-8 man tac squads with plasma guns and a Dev squad of 5-6 troops and add some flexibility to the army.

    Good Luck.
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