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    1500pt List Needs Refinement

    I have been refining my army as I continue to play and learn. I have about 800-1000 points complete; however, my goal is to have 2000 points plus worth of models to tailor my force to the mission at hand. Most of the games played locally are with 1500 pt armies, so my baseline force is listed first at 1500 points...assuming offensive missions where my guardsman have to take an objective/close with and destroy the enemy.

    The next configuration is for defensive missions where quick movement is not as critical to achieving objectives. Finally, I have a configuration for a 2000 pt army.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Also, I am considering purchasing a hellhound as a replacement for the sentinals. I have heard good things about the sentinals...and bad. My experience so far is that they can be worth the points...but having a much more durable vehicle with a long-range flame weapon seems like a good choice in some situations.
    I have not seen one in action, so just theorizing. I am the only guard player at my store.

    Thanks in advance...

    MECH CONFIGURATION (sharpshooters, close order drill, iron discipline, ratlings, storm troopers,

    Heroic Senior, Standard Bearer, Medic, Master Vox, Iron Discipline

    Cmd Sqd, 1st Platoon
    Junior Officer, Vox, Iron Discipline

    1st Squad, Rifle with Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Vox, and Sharpshooters

    1st Armored Fist, Chimera (smoke grenades/extra armor/multi-lasers, hull hvy bolter), Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun, Vox, and Sharpshooters

    Cmd Sqd, 2nd Platoon
    Junior Officer, Vox, Iron Discipline

    2nd Squad, Rifle with Missile, Plasma Gun, Vox, and Sharpshooters

    2nd Armored Fist, as above

    Ratling Snipers x 5

    Stormtrooper Squad Alpha, Plasma Gun, Grenade Launcher, Infiltration/Drop Troops, Sharpshooters

    Stormtrooper Squad Bravo, as above

    Sentinals (Cadian pattern with armored crew compartment) x2

    Leman Russ (smoke grenades/extra armor), Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    Basilisk (indirect)


    Remove two Chimeras and add one Leman Russ configured as above

    2000 POINT ARMY
    Add two Lasgun squads with heavy bolters configured as above
    Add a sentinel as configured above

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    You are missing a squad each from your Infantry Platoons.. minimum is a command squad and 2 line squads. An armored fist squad is a troop choice in itself, not a squad in an infantry platoon. Other than that, no major problems other than a few equipment issues:

    1. The medic in your HQ is just a points waste. I'd replace him with a basic guardsman.
    2. Its not ideal to mix weapons in squads as you have done in your storm trooper squads. Ideally you want both squads to have double plasma, however if you are going to take grenade launchers and plasma, make one squad the plasma squad, the other the grenade launcher squad.
    3. Sharpshooters cannot be applied to bs4 units meaning your stormies cant take it. It also doesn't work with plasma weapons, just incase you were hoping it would save your guardsmen from frying on 1's.
    4. Your leman Russ will be better served by having a hull heavy bolter instead of the hull lascannon.
    5. You will probably be better off using your sentinals as two seperate units instead of the unit containing two. This way your opponent will have to split fire to kill both of them and additionally gives you the option of firing at two seperate targets.
    What Guardsmen dont want to hear...
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