[1000] All Infantry Starters Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000] New to Infantry Lists

    First off, I would like to Hello, as this computer tells me I have never posted on this message board... I always thought I was a member, but enough about that. Onto the list.

    This is my first time I have made a IG infantry list, I used to play a tank army, about 3 years ago when the rules for them had just come out. So if I have forgotten anything basic, please dont laugh at me, as I am sure everyone had to learn at some point.

    Command Squad
    Junior officer 81 Points
    3 Plasmagun
    1 Medic
    2x Fire Support 160 Points
    3 Heavy Bolters
    2x Anti-tank 205 Points
    3 Missile Launcher
    3 Las-cannon
    10 Ratlings 110 Points

    Platoon 1 211 Points
    Command Squad 61 Points
    Junior Officer
    1 Plasmagun
    1 Medic
    Squad 1 75 Points
    Squad 2 75 Points

    Platoon 2
    227 Points
    Command Squad 61 Points
    Junior Officer
    1 Plasmagun
    1 Medic
    Squad 1 83 Points
    Missile Launcher
    Grenade Launcher
    Squad 2 83 Points
    Missile Launcher
    Grenade Launcher
    6 Heavy Bolters
    2 Auto Cannons
    8 Missile Launchers
    3 Las-cannons
    2 Grenade Launcher
    10 Snipers
    79 Men and 10 Hobbets.

    So, theres my first IG list.
    The basic plan is to shoot alot... and if anything get close(as they always do) the Command squads with Plasma guns get up to them and rapid fir Plasma Death. I know that one plasmagun is not really anything, but I did have 3 in each squad, but I had to get rid of some so I could get my 3 Lascannons.

    This is ment to be a SAFH, but I dont want tank untill I get above 1750 points, then I'm going to take 2, a demolisher and a basic russ... but I degress.


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