This list is meant for casual purposes and is intentionally silly and perhaps not the most points effective list ever. I felt bad for the oft-ignored and laughed at ISTs and decided to make a list featuring those IG guys they snuck in our Sister codex, as well as the Inquisitor Lord. The fluff justification for this...well the Inq. Lord was rounding up some fellas to go drag through the ditches and burn through the witches, when he stumbled upon a factory that happened to make Chimeras and plasmaguns, as well as combi-plasmas. The demonhost...well that thing just fell through a plot hole. And now, on with the list. It might stink, but leave comments and criticism as you see fit. (No, I'm not a hereric. Get that flamer out of my face!)

HQ: Inquisitor Lord

+ Combi-plasma
+ Scourging
{and these guys, tagging along...}
3 meatshield Acolytes with combi-plasma
2 sages
3 vet guardsmen with Plasmaguns
{riding in..}
+Hull Heavy Bolter
+Extra Armor

322 points

Elites: Demonhost

(90 - 5) points

Elites: Assassin

(100 - 5) points

Troops: ISTs (x6)
10 IST's
2 with Plasmagun
{riding in...}
+Hull Heavy Bolter
+Extra Armor

213 points

4 of these are from the parent list, and 2 are inducted. My reason for doing so: because I could, and who else would do something that strange?

Heavy Support: Orbital Strike
Lance Strike

(15 x 6) points

Total Points: 1850
Vehicles: 7
Is this viable?: I hope so, but probably not as-is