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    Raven Guard 1500pts.

    Hello all :w00t:
    I'm new to the forum as well as new to Raven Guard. The reason why I choose RG was that previous to them, i was Playing a Daemon Hunter army with many units deepstriking. I liked how I could gauge where my opponent was going and base my strategy off of that, yet the Grey Knights were pretty limited in unit choices and i wanted more variety, so researching fluff on other Space Marine Chapters, RG was obvious choice on developing an army with the ability to change strategies based on how the battle is going so far. Ive played a couple games with this list and they have turned out fairly well, but I know i could have some improvement.

    Captain Shrike, Shrike's wing (x4)

    Epistolary - Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Psychic hood, Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, Fear of the Darkness
    Command Squad -
    Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Close combat weapon,
    Space Marine with Bolters (x7)
    Space Marine with Flamer (x1)
    Drop Pod with Storm Bolter

    Assault Squad -
    Sergeant with terminator honors, melta bomb, powerfist, frag grenades and Furious Charge.
    Assault Marine with bolt pistol and close combat weapon and furious charge(x9)

    Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, close combat weapon/storm bolter, venerable, extra armour, smoke launchers,
    Drop Pod with Storm Bolter

    Scout Squad -
    Sergeant with Sniper rifle
    Scout with sniper rifle (x3),
    Scout with Missile Launcher (x1)

    Scout Squad -
    Sergeant with Sniper rifle
    Scout with sniper rifle (x3)
    Scout with Heavy Bolter

    Devestator Squad -
    Sergeant with Bolter
    Space Marine with Missile Launcher (x2)
    Space Marine with Lascannon (x2)

    I decided to go with Shrike not because of the special character bonuses (personally, im not a huge fan of pre-made characters) but i liked the fluff as well as I'm painting my RG to represent 3rd company so having the captain of the 3rd company just seemed to fit. I figured that I would have the two sniper squads lay down covering fire for Shrike and the other Assault Squads, causing Pinning to possibly ensure that they reach assault with minimal casualties. My Devestator Squad will help with anti-armor, keeping them in the back and letting loose. Im worried though that besides my powerfist/melta bomb sergeant in my assault squad, i really don't have anything else that would help against enemy armour. Im going to be drop podding both my Librarian and My Dreadnought into the field for fluff and strategic reasons. RG are very fond of drop podding and if they have Dreadnoughts, that is usually how they are deployed. With My Librarian I will hope to drop in and try clearing some of the board with Fear of the Darkness (I mainly play against IG and Tau, it just felt like an obvious choice) My Dreadnought is designed to come down, plow away with its assault cannon, then hopefully get into assault either the same turn or the following turn. (Drop pods are considered open-topped and therefore you can assault the turn you can come in if you are in range)

    I know this is a long post but i wanted people to understand my strategy and where i am coming from fluff-wise. Any opinions on how to change around the army for the better would be much appreciated!

    ~Brother Cain~

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    First of all , Welcome to LO! Second you should probably post this in the Army section of the fourms , i'll be glad to comment on it there ^_^

    -The Roboticist

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    okay welll to start i would drop your epistolary because shrike will be enough second i would drop his wind because you could get a larger assault squad for the same points
    second i would drop your devestator squad for 2 tornadoes and finaly i would recommend getting a squad of marines for the points you get by dropping the epistolary

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