1500 pt. Blood Angels Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pt. Blood Angels Army

    Ok. I've been fortunate to have great friends who gave me a lot of models to get started and I decided on Blood Angels after playing with chapter traits a bit. I enjoy assault armies and furious charge. I haven't had the funds to buy new models and what little I had for the game I used on paints so I could get started making them look the part. I comprised an army list with what I had available to me, please give me any feedback.

    Total Points: 1498

    HQ x 1 (232 pts.)
    -Reclusiarch with honors, bp, frags, jump pack
    -Death Company with jump packs (10 regular death company models, 2 with power sword, 2 with power fist)

    Tactical Squad x 4 (179 pts. each)
    -6 bolters
    -1 Rocket
    -1 Melta Gun
    -1 Sarg with honors and bolter
    -Frags for unit

    Tactical Squad x 1 (209 pts.)
    -6 bolters
    -1 Multi-melta
    -1 Plasma Gun
    -1 Sarg with honors and bolter
    -Frags for unit
    -Drop Pod

    Scout Squad x 1 (83 pts.)
    -4 bp+ccw
    -1 Sarg with honors and bp+ccw
    -Frags for unit

    Heavy x 1 (258 pts.)
    -Land Raider with smoke launchers and extra armour


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    Hey I understand you got to use what you got. It can make it more challanging a
    times but it can be pretty rewarding too.

    As for as advice goes...try to get a Veteran Squad into the landraider. It will reduce
    it's firing effency but Blood Angels are all about the assualt. Terminators are too
    expensive and you can only fit 5 vs 10 vets.

    Maybe up the road some more scouts. The great thing is they can infiltrate and get
    stuck in CC with the enemy by the 2nd turn allowing your other units to make it into
    combat with less guns pointed at them.

    If you don't have enough close combat arms I would recommend checking out the
    Black Templar chapter up grade sprue. I has 3 chainswords, 3 pistol arms, a power
    fist, power sword, power ax and among other goodies.

    If at all possible try and get an assualt squad.

    Well, I hope this will help. You have plenty of troops for your Death Company.
    But don't be fooled into believing that Death Company will always come though.
    Don't put all your eggs into one basket they say...

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