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    1000pts, Current List - Ideas needed for Exanding Please

    Ok this is my current list using the models I've got. Its a bit unorthadox, but It seems to work well.

    Led by the Cunning Inquisitor Yossanrion, this task force has been requesitioned by her to go to Medusa V. The Inquisitor is pursueing a Chaos Lord, for yet unkown reasons, and having the best of the Order of the Zealous heart along side her, it seems nothing will prevent her from achieving her ultimate, yet unkown goal.


    Canoness Alexandria
    Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St Aspira, Inferno Pistol, Book of St Lucius, Jump Pack

    Cannoness Alexandria has led her Sisters on more battles than the stars themselves. A fearless leader, she insipires those aroudn her, and prefers to deal with her enemies "personally".


    Inquisitor Yossanrion
    Inquisitor w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon

    Inqusitor Yossanrion ruthlessly pursues the Heretic scum across the Galaxy. She is currently on route to Medsua V with her loyal Sisters, and Guardsmen, in the hunt for a certain Chaos lord. Not afraid to get her own hand dirty, she is often seen taking charge on the front line herselfy, and she has often ripped the heart out of a rebellion with her bare hands.

    Callidus Assassin

    The most favoured of Yossanrion's henchmen the nameless assassin has made a mess of enemy plans countless times.

    The Damned
    10x Sisters of Reptenia (including 1x Mistress),

    These Sisters seeking absoloution are a frightening force on the battelfield, cleaving heretics into bloodied chunks, getting closer to abosoloution.


    The Elite of the Order Of The Zealous Heart
    10x Sisters Of Battle, Heavy Flamer, Flamer, Veteran w/ Eviscarator and Bolt pistol
    Rhino w/ Smoke, Extra Armour – 58

    Led by Sister Sarah (and her faithful mule) theses Sisters were chosen by Alexiandria to fight at her side. Nothing but death will stop these holy servants of the Emperor.

    The Sisters of the Zealous Heart
    10x Sisters of Battle, 2x Storm Bolters, Veteran w/ Storm Bolter and Close Combat Weapon.
    - 144

    The Sisters of the Order Of The Zealous Heart provide an excellent firebase anchor, with thier priecise, deadly, bolter fire.

    The Untoucables, Squad#1

    5 x =][= Storm Troopers, 1x Plasma Gun,
    - 60

    Nameless soldiers, they follow Inqusitor Yossanrion without hesitation, cutting down thier foes with deadly accuracy.

    The Untoucables, Squad#2

    5 x =][= Storm Troopers, 1x Meltagun,
    - 60

    Nameless soldiers, they follow Inqusitor Yossanrion without hesitation, cutting down thier foes with deadly accuracy.

    Total = 1000

    Ok, pretty much this army tries to get close the opposition, the Repentia trying to get into CC, while the Rhino mounted squad backs them up (shielding them with the Rhino) and then combine to take on squads.

    The Storm Bolter Squad provides a small amount of ranged fire support.

    Canoness slinks behind them before striking, or goes to hunt tanks by herself. Yossanrion goes tank hunting with the Plasma Pistol, and the Storm Troopers can suicide hunt tanks, or have a shot at the tougher things in the game.

    Basically, I would like to hear some reccomendations to the extra 500 points I should add to this army. I am thinking at least one Exorcist, and maybe some Seraphim. Even the living Saint?

    Thoughts, please.

    Thanks very much,

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    id say an exorcist is a must, its really one of the highlights to the WH army imo.
    seraphim would probably work well, could help tie up units that are shooting at your repentia

    maybe beef up your storm trooper squads, 5 man squads of IG i dont imagine last very long.

    could always beef up your inquisitor, give him some henchman and make him more then just a tool to get an assassin if your gonna use him just for tank hutning, give him an inferno pistol and a sage for better BS and reroll a miss to make sure you get the job done.

    you could add a squad of rets with heavy bolters for a good firebase. your storm bolter sister squad could be boosted to 15 or so, since they dont have a rhino.

    just a few ideas.
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