This army is designed to be fast and hit hard:

Emperors Champion 140
Accept any challenge
Marshall 185
Pair of lightning claws, terminator honors, Holy Orb of Antioch, Iron Halo, Jump pack, Bionics
Chaplain MoS 126
Terminator Honors, Bolt pistol
Assault Squadx9 218
Plasma pistolx2, Power weapon
Assault Squadx10 235
Power fist
Crusader Squadx9 207
CCW, Power weapon, Rhino, smoke
Crusader Squadx9 207
Bolters, Melta gun, Rhino, smoke
Land Speedersx2 160
Assault cannonsx2 Heavy boltersx2

Total 1478 pts

What should I spend the rest of the points on? The chaplain and champion each join a rhino squad and are used to hit the enemy's weak point and capture table edges. The marshall joins the 9 man assault squad and goes for the enemy's HQ. All suggestions are welcome.

Please help!