Disclaimer: I'm poor. Therefore what you see is what I have and can't afford any new models for a bit so I'm doing the best with what I have and would like to be in the 1000-1500 range as my buddies are probably gonna shoot for 1500 (Space Wolves and IG)

Warhammer 40k Inventory

Land Raider or Crusader (Have parts to do either): 1

Space Marines with Bolters: 29

Marines with CC+BP: 8

Marines with Rocket Launcher: 3

Marines with Melta Guns: 4

Marines with Multi-melta: 1

Marine Apothacaries:2

Marine with Flamer: 1

Librarian: 1

Chaplain: 1

Commander: 1 (Storm Bolter no CC weapon atm)

Unopened Box of 5 Scouts: 5 bp+cc, 1 heavy bolter, 10 shotguns

Unopened Tactical Box of 10 Marines: 2 bp+cc, 1 rocket, 1 plasma gun, 2 plasma pistols, 10 bolters

I also have a Tech Marine with bp+pw and single harness (thought about making him a pw in death company model) Then I have 2 powerfists and 3 power weapons.

I've played around on the army builder and looked at several post on Blood Angels but I'd still some input on possible strategies with this inventory. For example anyone think I should use all those power weapons into an honor guard and throw them in the land raider with the librarian leading them or make DC models with power weapons and fist, or even just throw the fist and weapons onto normal vet sargs to give normal tactical and scout units more punch?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.