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    500 pts Arcadain Swords (Using BA rules)

    Lord Captain Alexis has headed to Medusa V with his most loyal soldiers to prove his worth to the god emperor. The Arcaidan Swords will be seen as the greatest of the Space Marine Chapters. This is his force:

    Lord Captain Alexis
    Space Marine Captain, Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack, Frag Grenades,
    - 97

    Lord Captain Alexis seeks glory for the Emperor, and enjoys to dispatch his enemies with his trusted power sword, Avenger. The Arcadian Swords will make a difference.

    The Death Wishers
    6x Blood Angels Scouts, Veteran Sergent with Powerfist and Bolt Pistol

    Members of the Arcadian Swords that wish to take as many enemies of the Emperor with them, these men fear nothing.

    The Eager
    6x Blood Angles Scouts, Veteran Sergent with Powerfist, and Bolt Pistol

    Eager to prove their chapter and themselves, they are terrible opponents.

    Land Speeder Tornado w/ Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon,
    - 80

    Piloted by the foolhardy Brother Vespasian and his brother, Brother Tiberius , “Lightning” soars above the field of battle, dismembering units with ease. Vespasian has turned many a battle with his expert piloting of the ship.

    Death Rain
    Baal Class Predator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    Death Rain, is this tank is commonly known, has become a common fixture amongst the Arcadian Swords. Lord Captain Alexis values its firepower, almost as much as the enemy fears it.

    Total: 499 points

    Thanks for any comments,

    Anzac Clan!
    Final Fantasy!

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    Looking good but why do you have the commader running around? I would use a Libby with f.o.t.d and jump pack... That is probaly the best combo. Also the troops seem a little bit fragile.
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