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    2250 Pts DH+IG Friendly


    Grey Knight Grand Master (Psycannon+Icon of Just+MCNFW) = 220
    7 Terminator (pyscannon) = 347


    O.M. Inquisitor (Plasma Pistol+Power Weapon) = 50
    Callidus Assasin = 120


    GK 9+1 (Incinerator)= 285
    GK 9+1 (2 Psycannon) = 325

    Armoured Fist Squad (Lascannon + Plasma) = 95
    Chimera (ML+HB+EA+Smoke) = 93
    Armoured Fist Squad (Missile Launcher + Plasma) = 85
    Chimera (ML+HB+EA+Smoke+D = 98

    Fast Attack

    Sentinel Squadron ( 2 Lascannon) = 110

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ (H = 145
    GK Dreadnought (TLLC+ML+EA+Smoke) = 138
    GK Dreadnought (AC+CCW+EA) = 130

    Total: 2241

    Any Suggestions? I'll fight againts black templar; Tyranid; and IG.

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    this list looks good, but just one thing, write the tootal points for the Hq you have not separate points for the GM and the retinue.
    You are obviously going to deepstrike that squad of termies?
    That squad of teminators is a bit big, in most games 4-5 terminators and a GM should be fine. This list has good anti tank capabilities, oh and why not add some smokes to your second dreadnought? you have the points (9) so you can add them. For your inquisiotr lord, I would give him heavy bolter servitors, plasma cannon servvitor and 2 sages, possibly a mystic or an acolyte. For the same amount of points as the power wep plus the plasma pistol, give mhim a psycannon.
    With that the inquisitors retinue will boast firepower. This list is great anti tank (Good against IG, maybe black templars, but you might have trouble with nids, but I dont think so, The terminators will do the job as well as the psycannons and heavy bloter from the inquisitor. Take away 2 terminators or so and give the Inquisitor what I told you, it should add up to the same amount of points, and you will have a very good force!
    The gold grey knight man. These are hardy men who like cheese.

    Ever thought of how cheese was found?:
    Brother captain
    `` I say sah, the milk in this barrel smells foul!``

    Grand master:
    ``Oooohhh, give it a go!``

    ''Quack, damn you!''
    -Jamie heinamen, Mythbusters.

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    I'd skip two Terminators and for the points make Inquisitor shootie/flamie or make another squad of GKTs with the dreads points.

    I'd also consider getting a Landraider Crusader. There's no question that they shine the most when they're accompanied by other armor and not the centre of the army and this list is nice for that. Leman Russ, walkers and a Crusader...

    Another thing is to get ISTs as your troop choice and make FA PAGK or GKTs for the points you save. Or get even more mechanized infantry to bulk up on wounds.

    A great strength in using inducted guard armor is the Improved Comms which makes Deep Strike so much better so I'd try to get a squad or two of Deep Strikers extra.
    I don't use Improved Comms to get in a squad ASAP but rather to make sure I get many squads in at the same time- waiting until a squad goes in on it's own and then using the reroll on the next squad. When they land, I want it to hurt even if it's the fifth turn.
    With the mechanized nature of your army, you're gonna be able to set up concentrated lines of fire, move into objectives and either reinforce or overhwelm an objective or table quarter with Deep Strikers.

    This list is pretty much like mine. I use mechanized IST and Armored fist squads, a shooty =][=, Eversor, Leman Russ, a dread or sentinels and then mulltiple squads of GKTs.

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