2000 pt Tourney - Swift & Unseen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pt Tourney - Swift & Unseen

    Howdy folks!
    Here's a list I was thinking of running at a local tourney. Should be lots of Eldar (regular and dark) and Tau as well as a few other marines.

    Adv: Swift as the Wind, See but Don't be Seen
    Dis: Aspire to Glory, We Stand Alone

    HQ 1: 132pts
    Reclusiarch w/ Term Honors, bolt pistol, frags, bike

    Troop 1-4: 273 pts each
    Vet Sgt Biker w/ Power fist, bolt pistol
    2x Bikers w/ melta
    2x Bikers
    HB Attack Bike
    Expert Riders

    Troop 5: 105 pts
    5 man tac squad w/ 1 Lascannon, 4 bolters, Infiltrate

    Fast 1-3: 80 pts each
    Landspeeder Tornado

    Heavy 1: 224 pts
    8 man dev squad w/ 4 missile lanchers, 4 bolters, Infiltrate

    Heavy 2: 206 pts
    7 man dev squad w/ 4 missile lanchers, 3 bolters, Infiltrate

    Total: 1999

    Not a lot of troops, but should be fast! Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    Try it out. It sounds solid.

    *9 heavy weapons hiding in cover
    *4 full squads of bikes capable of taking anything close enough out
    *one sqaud led by a Chaplain, making them scarier
    *Expert rider, need I say more?

    Against Eldar:
    *Charging your way in with the bikes will eat them up
    *8 Sudden Missiles and one magic disappearing Lascannon WILL work a treat against any Eldar vehicles.
    *If it comes to it, there's 8 meltaguns in easy reach of most places when the battle gets a little closer.
    *High power forces will survive many eldar attacks (unless Avatared, but then just fight like hell like we always have to)

    Against Dark Eldar:
    *Same basic principal. But beware of the bloody stealthy monsters they love using.

    Against Tau:
    *Railguns only work once per turn, have a poor chance to hit, and will matter naught.
    *Infiltrate is a wonderful, WONDERFUL thing to use on battlesuits with Dev Sqauds.
    *Chappie on bike vs Ethreal. I wonder who wins?
    *4 Heavy Bolters in the heart of the enemy.

    This army is great! Look foreward to the battle report!
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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