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    Grey Knights 1000 pts - and an anti-AV question

    hi everyone,
    i'm back with another list and hope you don't get frustrated with me for sticking to certain things that you keep trying to convince me i shouldn't (you'll see what i mean at a glance, mEGALOMANIAC)

    - everyone will be walking - i want my (very few, as it is) models on the table from the start
    - i hate inducted Imperial Guard; frankly, i hate everything that's not a Grey Knight and prefer pure GK lists despite the obvious disadvantages of such a limitation
    - i think that wherever Grey Knights are, there should be Terminators as well, for fluff reasons.

    GK Brother-Captain [303]
    - psycannon, auspex, targeter
    - retinue: 4 GKT (1 th/ss, 1 psycannon, 2 nfw/sb)
    [i know, taking GKT in 1000 points seems much, but i did some math: if i didn't take the retinue, i'd save 209 points, losing 4 GKT and a psycannon; for that, i'd get a Justicar, 5 PAGK and a psycannon which i don't think is that much more effective really]


    PAGK squad [277]
    - justicar (auspex), 9 PAGK

    PAGK squad [280]
    - justicar (meltabombs), 9 PAGK

    Heavy Support:

    GK Dreadnought [145]
    - TLLC/ML, extra armour

    Total: 1005 points (which is the maximum surplus number of points i'll be allowed)
    Models: 25 + 1 walker

    I was thinking about replacing the dreadnought with "regular" troops, in order not to take any vehicles - since everyone at 1000 pts is going to bring along lascannons, dark lances and such, the dread won't survive long, i guess.
    Of course, i'll still need something to deal with higher AVs, so basically there where only two choices:
    1. an IST squad with meltaguns and a rhino [6 IST, two meltaguns, rhino with smoke and armour for 138 points]
    2. a seraphim squad [5 sisters, either 2 inferno pistols for 140 points or flamers and meltabombs for all the girls for 144 points]

    I know, it's blasphemy! i'm actually considering anything else than Grey nights :cry:

    But the question is: do you guys think that Seraphim or IST will last longer than the dread or not?

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    Honestly, I think your terminator fluff should be satisfied with a single GK Hero model. We are talking about 1000 pts, after all. A very small force in which a significant terminator presence is included. Fluffwise, I would think the smaller the detachment, the fewer terminators there ought to be. They are the elitest of the elite, and they won't be sent out for small stuff just 'cause they're kewl.

    Since I agree that you're incredibly light on anti-armour, and since I also think that is solely because of your inclusion of terminators, you can solve both problems quite handily.

    That is, keep the BC and his psycannon, but drop the rest of his cheap wargear and his retinue. That nets you 212 pts. Drop the melta bombs off the justicar (you shouldn't be chasing tanks with your GKs, but they can handle transports and light armor with ease as is) plus a GK model from each of the two PAGK squads and you're up to 257 pts. With that, you can get your IST melta squad (which I think is better for the task than a similarly-sized squad of tank-hunting seraphim; I wouldn't ever take fewer than 7-8 seraphim, and then you're talking about real money there) and an AC/DCCW-equipped dreadnought (extra armor, smokes, too). That gives you one dedicated anti-tank unit, plus the dread which can both bust armor and support your troops in CC, plus two more vehicle targets for your opponents to worry over, making their survivability more likely.
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    lose the auspexes please, na those dont matter :lol: I think that dread should just have an AC and CCW, I have better times with it than the other build, even against AV 14, I honestly do better, give the dread some smokes, you dont want him to get shot up ion the first turn!
    With the difference in points, get a GK and you will ahve a full squad and one at 9, so thats it!
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