I have been having trouble with my templars lately, I'm getting slaughtered! Tell what you think of this list, I haven't used it yet and would like to know if it is a good all around list.

Emperors champion 140
Accept any challenge

MoS 136
Terminator armor, CCW

Terminator Assault Squadx7 280

LRC 275
Storm bolter

Crusader Squadx6 111

Crudsader Squadx10 190
Plasma gun, Plasma cannon

Crusader Squadx15 230
Power weapon, neophytesx5

Assault Squadx10 240
Plasma pistolx2, power weapon

Landspeeder Tornadox2 160
Assault cannons

Predator Annihilator 110
Heavy bolters

Dreadnaught 135
Lascannon, extra armor