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    what would you do? BT list

    Hi all
    Wondering what I should get to expand this list from 1500 to 1750pts. I am quite open to new stuff: maybe a small unit of Termies? I have an old version Landraider. maybe some landspeeders and jumppack marines? What would you do?

    Black Templars 1500 pt list

    Chaplain, Master of Sanctivity, power weapon, 4+ invul save, bolt pistol, frag grenades and melta bombs, artificer armour, crusader seals. 137
    Joins command squad

    Command squad (all have frag grenades) 152
    1 SM w ccw/bp, 1 SM w flamer, 1 SM w MG, vet sgt w PF/bp, company champion w power weapon. Unit carried in Razorback (w TLHBs).

    Emporer’s champion 90


    6 x SM sword brethren. 1 has two power claws, one has power weapon/bp
    all have frag grenades. Unit is carried in Razorback (w TLLC). 166

    Razorback with TLHB, SB 80
    Razorback with TLLC 90

    5 strong SM squad w LC 95

    10-strong SM squad w ML 170

    5-strong SM squad w HB 85

    8-strong SM squad with vet sgt (term honours) w PF/bp 151

    Fast attack

    4 bikes. One biker has power weapon 138

    Heavy support

    Predator Annihilator w TLLC, LC sponsons 145

    TOTAL: 1499

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    Here we go:
    1. Drop the flamer for another melta gun in the command squad.
    2. Your champion must take a vow! His miniumum points cost is 100pts.
    3. Did you know your sword bretheran get a free veteran skill? Drop the Razorback and beef out the squad numbers and give them infiltrate. I'm guessing you mean lightning claws instead of power claws.
    4. Add another power weapon or two to your bike squad, templars can have up to 3!
    8-strong SM squad with vet sgt (term honours) w PF/bp 151
    Templars can't have Veteran sargeants, with the exception of a command squad. You can still take the power weapon though.

    Not to be/seem mean but please reread the BT codex and become more familiar with their special rules. Other wise the rest of the list looks good.:yes:
    Xbox Gamertag: x Helbrecht x

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    Sounds like a fun challenge, first up convert that old LR into a custom crusading LRC of doomage :w00t: bit of plasticard and a handful of plastic boltguns and your set!

    Emporers champ (uphold the honor is a good vow)

    crusader seals, bp, crozy arcanium, termy honours

    Try to keep these guys cheap but solid, taking a LRC eats lots of points so dont waste any on extra hq goodys. Dont, ever take artificer armour its worthless.

    14 crusaders, 8 initiates, 6 neophytes (chaplain goes here, they ride in teh LRC)

    18 crusaders, 10 initiates, 8 neophytes (emporers champ goes here)

    smoke and dozerblades are good for BT, you can ride everywhere and chase the heritics!

    Thats a good solid base for BT, two nice big comabt squads with a hero. Throw in whatever you feel like using, BTs are a combat chapter so those squads will get used in almost all armys you want to build. I would probebly add in your predator for firesupport, maybe a dread or vindicator as these tend to attract attention and kick arse.

    Sword brethren in a razorback or bikes can provide a nice flanking unit but may be alittle short on man power, hopfully those crusader squads will take all the flak allowing your other units to roam more freely.

    Going upwards to 1750 I would look into getting another big unit or several smaller ones, those crusaders wont last long if thats all there is in a bigger game. I would definatly try for a jump pack assault squad in the bigger games, maybe another cheap chaplain to go with them.
    The man of tomorrow is judged by his battle today.

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