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Thread: 500 Sob

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    500 Sob

    Inq Lord



    3xD.Cult assassins

    Troops :

    -2x storm bolters

    10x sisters
    -2x Storm bolters

    Explaination :

    I'm going for a very simple army for a small points game. There will be no vehicles allowed outside of transports (their armour is now ranked as 9 making them rather useless for anything but transport) and basically we are keeping it as combat patrol rules.

    The lord is there simply to use the assassins. He is largely interchangeable and could be subbed with a lord with a plasma pistol and 3 heavy bolter gun servitors (for hordeish armies), Plasma pistol + plasma vets (Marines)

    Typical game plan is deploy my assassins where they can do the most good (behind cover, block off what ever points I can) and then use their lanes as firing points for my sisters....Realistically all I have my sisters for are bolters. My assassins are put in a position that lets them charge a squad that wants to set up a heavy wepon and out range my poor little Sisters.

    That is ofcourse simply the idea at the moment. I've played one game with them friendly and that's just how it worked out. My Assassins wiped out a HB dev squad pretty quickly. Eventually killed them all and was wiped out by mass fire.

    Just bouncing idea's around

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    inquisitor lords already have a 3+ save, drop the power armour

    lose one of the SoB, go for some inquisitorial ST's and give your other SoB squad a heavy flamer

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    hmm not exactly what I call the perfect 500pts army. For one, you want at least one strength 8 weapon in there somewhere to deal with tanks. In small games this one weapon should be enough, but I would invest in two to be sure.

    Inquisitor lords are fun but in 500pts you should consider being more ecomical with your points. A bog standard palatine with power weapon and bolt pistol would fit the bill, and hey, she gives you a faith point. Hell you don't even need a HQ in combat patrol rules, I would just prefer more squads that count as scoring.

    Personally I would drop the assasins, they may be good in combat but getting there without being blown to peices is a bit of an issue even with infiltrate. They also can't help you with mission objectives since they don't count as scoring. Consider removing them for another squad or upgrade the weapons the other squads have and give them a veteran superior for faith points.

    Consider transports too, these are very effective in a small game and they can bring flamers and "divine guidance" to bare quickly and effectively.

    note....if you are keeping to combat patrol rules you can't have anything above three wounds so no inquisitor lord or canoness. Also the armour limit is 33 or less (adding up each side of the tank)

    With this I would recommend storm troopers and a chimera. Not the bare minimun storm troopers , A full squad with two assault weapons (preferably a plasmagun or meltagun), this adds a huge punch to your army as you have a long range vehical armed with two heavy weapons and a high front armour that would negate most shots in combat patrol not to mention a squad with two assault weapons (don't underestimate the helllguns either, massed shots will tear through even power armour)
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