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    Mixed Grey Knights/Sisters of Battle force

    I already posted this over at the Demonhunters forum (it is a grey Knight list but with SoB allies) but i wanted to hear some opinions from"my esteemed colleagues" from the Ordo Hereticus, as i put it...

    here's a new shot!
    after some exposure to this forum and our esteemed witchhunter colleagues, i designed a new list using our beloved grey knights and the sisters next door! tell me what you think!

    - i know i'm repeating myself, but i hate IST. i know some of you love 'em, i don't.
    - i wanted to try a template weapon setup for my dreads for a change

    GK Brother-Captain + Psycannon, auspex [302]
    - retinue: 4 GKT, psycannon

    GK Squad [277]
    - Justicar (auspex), 9 PAGK

    GK Squad [277]
    - Justicar (auspex), 9 PAGK

    Sisters of Battle Squad [174]
    - 8 sisters, 2 meltaguns, frag grenades
    - rhino, extra armour, smoke

    Sisters of Battle Celestian Squad [190]
    - 8 celestians, 2 meltaguns, frag grenades
    - rhino, extra armor, smoke

    Heavy Support:
    GK Dreadnought A [148]
    - tl lascannon, missile launcher, extra armor, smoke

    GK Dreadnought B [138]
    - plasmacannon, missile launcher, extra armor, smoke

    Total: 1500

    I considered droping the Sisters of Battle Troops choice (+ the smoke launchers) for some Seraphim (to improve on the coolness factor and elitist feel of the army) ... what would you recommend?

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    The thing Grey knights lack is speed, instead of Celestians I think an equal points Seraphim squad with two twin flame pistols and a verteran would compliment the force better. Grey knights are undoubtfully good at combat, and seraphim fit this bill nicely too, don't forget with a vertran they can roll three dice for faith instead of the normal two, thus increasing chances of passing.

    IMO you also don't want meltaguns in the regular sister squads. Instead max out the squad size and give them two flamers and a basic veteran (You need veterans in order to perform faith tests). The basic tactic with sisters of battle is using flamers with "Divine Guidance" faith. This allows them to deal with heavy infantry which your army has very little of. Note: when it comes down to it, celestians are no better than these when it comes to shooting, it is best just to leave celestians alone in your case in favour of getting more infantry.

    Last of all, I recommend just giving both dreadnoughs twin-linked lascannons and extra armour. This way they are very effective against vehicals whilst a keeping a consistant advance. With the dreadnough close combat weapon they hard highly effective in combat and against heavy infantry. I disagree hugely against smoke launchers, you ideally want to shoot each turn which makes smokes rather pointless.....especially the way you set up your dreadnoughts currently.
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