[2000pt] "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000pt] "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

    As many people likely are, I'm drawn to the WH as much for the phenomenal storyline as well as the wonderful models. In fact it's the fluff that keeps me in 40k as opposed to fantasy. Over the past year I've considered a large number of different armies for my WH (and as I'm just now starting to buy, I'd like to run my current "masterpiece" by everyone). The basic storyline is the aging Inquisitor Brandeis and his "retinue" of trained killers (the Bad) purging fringe worlds of any and all mutation. As his fighting days are well behind him the Sisters of the Golden Halo (the Good) accomany him on his crusade. Filling out the ranks are local populace (the Ugly) inducted and equipped from Inquisitor Brandeis' personal store of requisitioned IG equipment. Thus the bulk of the army will be sisters, with some inbred hicks equipped with standard issue IG equipment (in the inquisitors livery, the equipment, not the hicks) and the "retinue" also in the inquisitors livery.

    Inquisitor Brandeis (no equipment)
    Inquisitor Brandeis' Personal "Retinue"
    - Squad Borivoj, 5 Storm Troopers w/ 2 Plasma Guns
    - Eversor Assasin Fleischaker
    - The Bratislav, 3 Death Cult Assassins

    Requisitioned Populace
    10 Armoured Fists w/ Autocannon team
    - Chimera w/ ML, HB
    10 Armoured Fists w/ Autocannon team
    - Chimera w/ ML, HB
    3 Sentinals w/ Lascannons

    Sisters of the Golden Halo
    Canoness Krasna w/ Eviscerator, Cloak, Book
    Squad Krasna, 10 Battle Sisters w/ 2 Meltas, Veteran Sister Mishka
    Squad Krasava, 10 Battle Sisters w/ 2 Meltas, Veteran Sister Krasava w/ Book
    Squad Milka, 10 Battle Sisters w/ Flamer, H.Flamer, Veteran Sister Milka w/ Book
    - Rhino w/ Extra Armour, SL
    Squad Otka, 10 Dominions w/ 4 Flamers, Veteran Sister Otka w/ Book
    Squad Benes, 9 Retributors w/ 4 HB, Veteran Sister Benes
    The Bozidar, 8 Seraphim w/ 2 Inferno Pistols, Veteran Sister Kafka w/ Book, PW

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    A few points.

    Given the AT ability of the Guard forces I don't think you need quite as many melta weapons in your Sister forces as you have. I'd reequip the Seraphim with hand flamers (these are really effective with such mobile troops as they can easily be carefully positioned for maximum effect).

    I wouldn't bother with the quad flamer Dominions. Such a squad has little advantage over a regular squad with HFl and Fl. You may well find that you can't properly use so many templates on one enemy unit (remember you can't overlap them and get multiple hits).

    Give the Canoness a jump-pack and have her bounce around in support of the Seraphim. CC needs mobility to be effective.

    Give all your min-size Sisters squads Rhinos. Drop a squad if need be to achieve this. You want to go all mechanized or not at all. Footsloggers will just get left behind. I've seen too many battles where several squads spend most of the game marching to the guns rather than fighting.

    Tactics wise this is a 'deploy out of sight, rush into position and open fire army'. You should aim to ensure that your IG are deployed and firing by turn two, or at least turn 3. They should not charge down the enemy, most of your fighting power comes from shooting. By careful positioning of such a mobile force you should be able to confound your oppponents plans and cut him to pieces.

    The Sisters have a notably different role to the Guardsmen. They should be advancing under cover of terrain and Rhinos popping smoke in order to get close enough to use their flamers and bolters. These troops really need to pressure the enemy. This applies even if he is an assaulty opponent like Tyranids. Assault oriented armies need to be attacked because most of them have the ability to charge you down from well over 12" (i.e. bolter range). Either move forward right from the start, or rush forward and counterattack him when he moves up. Sisters absolutely cannot wait for the enemy to come to them, you must attack.

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