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Thread: 1500pt GK army

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    1500pt GK army

    Grand master w/ word of the emperor 155pts
    Inquistor+Incinerator 40pts
    Inquisitor+incinerator 40pts
    9 grey knights+justicar
    9 grey knights+justicar w/ word of the emperor
    9 Grey Knights+Justicar w/ word of the emperor
    Heavy Support
    1 Dreadnoughts w/ TL lascannon+ extra armor+ smoke launchers+missile launchers 148pts
    Land Raider Crusader 258pts w/ smoke launchers
    Attach the Inquisitors/Gm to squads as needed, Use WOE to keep enemy assualt troops from getting charge bonus. Allowing another round of storm bolters and Me charging them, Dreadnought hangs back and destroys enemy vehicles, Crusader for enemy troops/ tanks in a pinch can put a squad in it as needed. I put my heavy weapon on my inquisitors because I didnt want to get rid of my S6+true grit on my GK.

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    Generally not a bad list at all, I would beef up the Grandmaster with a Psycannon and perhaps Icon of the Just to help his surviveability, or just put a Psycannon on a BC instead.

    Your correct on keeping your S6 and true grit. Keep those lads moving forward blasting with Stormbolters.

    I would put one squad in the Landraider and zoom it into assault. Then use it to kill troops (if it's still alive). If you want fire support, there are better ways for the points than a Landraider.
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    I agree with Diggum that the points for the Land Raider could be better spent. In a 1500 point list, that one vehicle is 1/6th of your points and its not providing nearly enough supporting firepower to justify its cost. Maybe if you had a very assault-oriented unit would I recommend mounting it in there, even though it'd be putting a lot of eggs in one basket. But as it stands, you just have regular Grey Knight squads. They're good, but they're not exactly the Death Company, know what I mean? I'd ditch the LRC and use it to buy some more long-ranged firepower, you're a bit lacking in that department. Maybe considerin using one of your squads as a Fast Attack GK unit so it can teleport into the midst of things to get into battle. You've got a lot of bodies to chew through and could be devastating at 24" range, but you don't have much to plug away with beyond that, and you're not very quick to close with the enemy.
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    Take out the inquisitors and the word of the emperor(s) and add either another dread or another pagk to each separate squad to have straight 10 in each.
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