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    First 1750 Tourney List, Critique

    O.K. I've always added Sisters to my Grey Knight army, but this is my first attempt at a pure Sisters list. It is for an upcoming 1750pt Rogue Trader tourney that is fun, but competative. :rolleyes:

    Here goes, don't spare the niceties on me, i'm a big boy and can take it!:cry:

    HQ: Cannoness: Blessed Weapon, Cloak, Book of St Lucius, Inferno Pistol. 115pts
    She rides with the IST Squad, Separates and attacks on her own if power weapons are present.

    IST Squad: 213 pts.
    9 Troops, + Vet Sgt with power weapon.Vet Sgt w/Power SwordMelta, Gun x 2Chimera W EA, Smoke, Heavy Flamer, Hull Bolter.

    Sister Squad: 243pts
    9 TroopsMelta Gun x 2Vet Sister w.Evicerator, Book of St LuciusRhino, EA, Smoke

    Sister Squad: X 2, 486pts
    9 TroopsFlamer
    Heavy Flamer
    Vet Sister w.Evicerator, Book of St LuciusRhino, EA, Smoke

    Fast Attack: 274pts
    9 Seraphim + Vet Sister w/ Book of St Lucius, Evicerator + twin hand Flamers.

    Heavy Support:
    Retributor Squad: x 2, 280pts
    4 Sisters w/ 4 Heavy Bolters + Vet Sister

    Excorcist: + Smoke Launchers, 138pts

    8 Faith Points.

    I could swap out one of the Retributer Squads for another Excorcist??

    I plan on using the Cannoness + Spirit of Martyr twice in CC if needed, and Divine Guidance with the Seraphim and Flamer Squads.

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    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Hey Diggums! What's happenin? The list looks pretty good for the most part, I'm just gonna throw a few suggestions around.

    HQ: Just fine if she's got a ride, but consider a jump pack (if for some reason she can't ride with the IST's)


    IST's! Yes! Freakin sweet! :w00t: Meltas you say? Interesting. Usually IST's are taken cause they get plasmaguns, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The weapons on the Chimera make it sort of like a slower, tougher Immolator. Neat! As for the Sisters squads, I like everything except for the Eviscerators on the VSS's, otherwise, it appears to be excellent.

    Fast Attack:

    Perhaps some hand flamers for the seraphim? They're quite fun to use, I recommend them.

    Heavy Support:

    It'd probably be better if you replaced a Ret Squad with another Exorcist like you said, and remember to put extra armor on it. Smoke Launchers, that's a tough call to make, as ideally firing as many shots as you can from the exorcists is better, but the penetrating hits being reduced can also be useful.

    Diggums, I like your list, and hope you do well in the tournament!
    Exorcist Kills:
    Predator Annihilator
    Leman Russ
    5 Tactical Squad Marines
    2 Raiders

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    I'd like to see some padding for the retributors, at least two bolter sisters to absorb some losses and still keep them firing the heavy bolters. Don't worry about increasing the break point of them since that would require 9 models total though.

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