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    Imperial Fists 1000, beginner's list

    Ok so I have basically just started WH40K and I chose Imperial Fists as my army. This is the list that I'm working on buying and painting, any suggestions to improve it would be great. Thanks.

    HQ [135]
    Reclusiarch; Lightning Claws, Jump Pack

    Elites [130]
    Vulnerable Dreadnought; Extra Armor

    Troops [290]
    5 Space Marines; Plasma Gun, Lascannon, Vet. Sergeant; Powerfist, Bolt Pistol

    5 Space Marines; Plasma Gun, Lascannon, Vet. Sergeant; Powerfist, Bolt Pistol

    Fast Attack [300]
    4 Assault Marines, Vet. Sergeant; Powerfist, Bolt Pistol

    Land Speeder Tornado; Assault Cannon

    Land Speeder Tornado; Assault Cannon

    Heavy Support [145]
    Predator Annihilator; Lascannon Sponsons

    My battle strategy is simple. The chaplain and the assault squad use their jump packs and hit the enemy head on. The two six-man tactical squads provide fire support along with the dreadnought and the predator annihilator. The two land speeders harry the flanks with the assault cannons and mop up any fleeing troops.

    "Primarch, Progenitor - To your glory, and the glory of Him on Earth." - Warcry of the Imperial Fists

    "I want recruits, not vassals!" - attributed to Rogal Dorn

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    I have GOT to comment on this list. I'm a Fists player myself.

    First off, don't pay 130 pts for a "Vulnerable" dreadnaught. :lol:

    Okay, in all seriousness, this is not a sound list for 1000 pts. You need more troops and less gimmicks.

    1) I wouldn't pay 30 pts for lightning claws on a model that gets a power weapon for free. Lose them, add a bolt pistol. Termi-honors if you want, but I think 15 pts is pricey in a game this size.

    2) Drop expensive PF sgts in a min/maxed shooty squad. Personally, I like ML's OR special weapon in my Tac squads, not both. Drop the LC and buy the extra marine, they'll hang around longer to count as a scoring unit. Plus, you wont be worried about losing a lascannon shot when you want to move up and rapid fire (or assault). They are tactical squads, not Devs, and fill a critical role in your list that requires movement....

    3) You are relying too heavily on your landspeeders, which are fragile.

    4) Your tank is fairly pointless considering the rest of the units in your list.

    Here is what I think you should do. Keep it fluffy, keep it flexible, and concentrate more on learning to use your army than on trying to get it perfect. Unless you never plan to buy more than 1000 pts worth of models, it's not that important. But if you want to start small and get a feel of how the IF's should play, your list should look something like this:

    Chaplain w Jump Pack, bolt pistol, frags
    6-man Assault squad with Plasma Pistol and PF sgt

    3x6-man Tac squad with Plasma guns

    6-man Dev squad with 3 ML's and Tankhunters skill

    Venerable dread with smoke launchers

    Predator Annhilator with HB sponsons
    1000 pts
    Maybe the best part about this list is, you can do it relatively cheaply--3 tac squads and a commander, a bag of Jump Pack sprues (or buy the bits from GW), the Dread and the Predator. You'll have to model the commander to look like a chaplain, unless you want to buy the PF chaplain instead of the Commander box. You'll need the PF, though.

    Personally, I prefer a Capt in Terminator armor (mainly for fluff reasons--just can't argue with the effectiveness of a Jumping chaplain leading assault marines) but I can't afford his Terminator escort (I think an HQ always needs to be with a supporting squad of like ability) in a game of this size. Though the Termi Capt works pretty well on his own in small games.

    Eh, that's all. Now go kill some Iron Warriors or some Tau, please!
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