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    2000-2500 cutsom SM/GK

    Ok, this is a tentative list. Haven't added up all the points yet, but my rough estimate is somewhere around 2,000-2,500 pts. I also only have some of this army assembled/purchased/played so far, just planning far ahead, which I have to do due to limited funds. Entries with ??? are slots in the FOC I haven't filled yet, or options I'm not certain about. I have ideas on what I wanna do at the bottom. My goal is to plan out what kind of army I wanna build. I'm looking for something competitive and flexible. Feedback/suggestions welcome.

    Anyway, here goes:

    Custom Chapter: Knights of the Order (fluff available upon request), with drawbacks Eye to Eye and Death Before Dishonour, and advantages See But Don't Be Seen and possibly Scions of Mars(???).


    -- Chaplain (MoS, crozius, bolt pistol, t. honors, jump pack, frags)
    -- Librarian (Epistolary, Fear of Darkness, Might of Heroes, t. armor, power weapon, storm bolter) + 4-man t. command squad (2 with AC/PF, 2 with SB/PF), all in drop pod


    -- 10-man assault squad including Sgt.(t. honors, PF/bolt pistol), and two PP/chainsword, rest are standard BP/chainsword. All have frags (???)

    -- 10-man PAGK, including justicar (not sure on his gear), and the rest are standard except at least one psycannon

    -- ???


    -- Dreadnought w/CCW(S and autocannon, with drop pod

    -- 6-man GK termies, including two psycannons

    -- ???


    -- 10-man tac squad, including Sgt. (t. honors, pair LC[???]), and 1 Sm with meltagun, rest with standard bolters. All with frags, drop pod(if needed) and t. homer

    -- 10-man tac squad, same as above

    -- 10-man tac squad, including Sgt. (t. honors, PF/BP), and 1 SM with lascannon, rest have standard bolters

    -- 10-man scout squad, including 1 ML and 4 snipers

    -- 10-man scout squad outfitted for CC (gear to be determined, but they will have frags and t. homer)

    -- ???

    Heavy Support:

    -- Predator Annihilator (w/twin-linked LC, HB sponsons)

    -- 8-man (???) dev squad, including 4 ML. Sgt.'s gear to be determined

    -- Whirlwind (missile type to be determined, but leaning toward castellan)

    Ok, my third FA is PROBABLY gonna be a LS unit (one vehicle for now) with AC/HB combo. Another SM thread is convincing me to do this, and not bikes.

    My third elite is the hard choice. Another standard SM termie squad would be nice, but I really, really, REALLY wanna get a full-servo harness techmarine on the battlefield somehow (hence the SofM indecicion up at the top), as I have a KILLER model conversion idea I'm dying to try out. Any suggestions on how that could fit into this army is perhaps most important to me right now. :yes:

    On the last troops selection, I got nuttin. No idea.

    Basic tactica:

    Assuming my opponent or the mission permits infiltration, I'm gonna run EVERYTHING I can up the board, placing in position to do their thing. Devs and tac with lascannon on opposite flanks, pred in the middle to offer a kind of "kill zone" for armor(I hope). Sniper scouts will set up to try to pick off HQ or other suitable targets. Other scout crew will be in a position to drop the homer and bring in one of the two GK squads. If infiltration is not possible, I'll move scouts, dev, and lascannon the hard way, and drop pod everything else. LS and Assault team (with attached chappie) will start in deployment zone no matter what (they have the speed).

    So it's FAIRLY straighforward after that. Termies, termie command, gks and assault squad are gonna go after infantry, while the drop pod-equipped tac squad, dev, lascannon and pred are gonna go after tanks. Dread will support wherever needed, based on presumed weak points in my force.

    Comments VERY welcome.


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