Well I am trying something different instead of my typical 20 storm troopers and 20 armored fist so here goes:

Command Tank Exterminator, 3 HB + PHS + EA, Crush & Grind, ACE Sponson Gunners

Tank ACE, 3 HB + PHS, Crush & Grind, ACE Sponson Gunners

10 Storm Troopers Chimera (2 meltas), TML, HHF, PHS, HK, EA, Smoke

2 x Troop Russ, HLC, SHBm PHS, Crush & Grind, ACE Sponson Gunners, Search Light

Basilisk .. Indirect

Demolisher HLC, SHB

3 Recon Chimera all with:crush & Grind, HK, PHS, EA
1 with HHB, THB
2 with HHB, TML

so what does that give me: 2 squad killers (exterminators), 4 pie plates, 4 decent light tanks that might be able to kill something with their HK missiles and 10 crunchies. I still need another tank or three but am waiting for a bits order to come in to round out my heavies with another basilisk. My two troop russ and demolisher are going to be moving forward hoping to get something to charge them or to charge/tank shock to use their crush and grind plus their ace sponson gunner abilities.

other than that I'll probably team up one tank with one chimera and concentrate fire to eliminate the greatest threat first while my two exteminators go after any horde elements. Normally I field another vehicle or two but this will have to do for now.

I am shelving my griffon for a bit and not showing up with the sentinel or extra stormies/armored fist.