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    from 1500 to 1850

    This is the army list that I have been using till know for a regular tournaments (1500 points, Missions: Recon, Cleanse, Seek and destroy, Alpha, Gamma and Omega). I have obtained quite good results ans now I am planning to extend it to 1850 points.

    May you criticize it and suggest some changes? How should I extend this list for 1850 points games?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    --------------1500 army list--------------------------


    - Brother Captain+ 4 GK termi + 2 TH/SS+ Incinerator + Teleport hommer (270)

    Total 270

    - Inquisitor + Teleport homer + Emperor's tarot + bolter pistol (46)
    - Callidus (120)

    Total 166


    5X IST + 2 Meltagun + Rhino + Extra Armour + Smoke (12
    5X IST + 2 Meltagun + Rhino + Extra Armour + Smoke (12

    Total 256

    Total 300

    Fast Attack

    -Justicar + 6 Grey Knights (200)
    -Justicar + 6 Grey Knights (200)

    Total 400

    Heavy support

    - Dread TLLC/ML (140)
    - LRC + smoke (26

    Total 408

    Army Total: 1500

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    um, take away the tarot from the inquisitor, the grey knight shouldb e at 8-10 men as arule, ESPESCIALLY when they are deep striking. Also, there is no use putting a tele homer on the termies, they cant tele homer themselves At 1850, you should have a GM, another dread, and more I.S.T's in those squads. the incinerator is not as useful on the termies as a psycannon, walking then shooting 3 shots at 36'' is priceless, trust me. That is all I have to say, hope I helped!
    The gold grey knight man. These are hardy men who like cheese.

    Ever thought of how cheese was found?:
    Brother captain
    `` I say sah, the milk in this barrel smells foul!``

    Grand master:
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    ''Quack, damn you!''
    -Jamie heinamen, Mythbusters.

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