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Thread: 1500 pt Army

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    1500 pt Army

    Hi guys. I'm new to WH40k and decided on the Daemonhunters. Can I get some tips on this list?

    HQ: = 91pts
    Brother-Captain with psycannon

    Elite: = 171pts
    Inquisitor with pyscannon
    Gun Servitor x 2 with HB
    Gun Servitor x1 with Plasma
    Sage x 2
    Mystic x 1

    Troops = 225 + 195 = 420
    Veteran with Teleport Homer
    Storm Troopers x 7
    Storm Troopers with Meltagun x 2
    Chimera w/ Multilaser and Extra Armor

    Veteran with Teleport Homer
    Storm Troopers x 7
    Storm Troopers with Plasma Gun x 2
    Rhino w/ Storm Bolter and Extra Armor

    Fast Attack: 277 + 252 = 529
    GK Justicar with Krak grenades
    PAGK x 9

    GK Justicar with Krak grenades
    PAGK x 8

    Heavy Support: 148 + 118 = 266
    GK Dreadnought w/ TLLC,ML, extra armour, smoke launchers

    GK Dreadnought w/ CCW,AC, extra armour, smoke launchers

    Total is 1477. Suggestions? I want to create just a basic army that can probably hold on its own no matter who's facing it. Thanks guys!

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    i liek this list alot, it is ALOT like my lists. the only thing you should do is add a grey knight into that second squad of grey knights, that will help you out quite a bit, you also happen to have the points for it. Also please make note to show the total number of guys in a squad I had a tiny litle bit of trouble reading that list, I suppose there are 10 I.S.T's in each squad right? Anyways, just add one gey knight and your good to go.
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    Nearly picture perfect, IMHO.

    Swap the vehicles for your ISTs. The melta squad should be in the Rhino, and the plasma gun squad should be in the chimera. The Rhino is somewhat better equipped to handle rushing your troops up to the front -- monstrous creatures or tanks that would suffer mightily from melta gun shots -- while the chimera is better equipped to handle standing and shooting.

    Drop the krak grenades from the FAGK justicars -- melta bombs are better for tank-hunting, but you've got enough anti-armor weapons already -- so that you have that 25 pts available to fill out the 9-man FAGK squad to a full 10 models.
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