I am playing a tournament next wednesday using the cities of death rules. It is a small tournement only running over 2 afternoons, and I could really use your help!

Here is what I can make the army of:
More then enough standard guardsmen/conscripts/hardened veterans
More then enough guardsmen with plasmagun
More then enough Heavy Weapon teams
1 Leman Russ with 3 heavy bolters
1 chimera with 2 heavybolters
1 Hellhound
3 medics
4 grenade launchers
4 flamers
10 Sergeants with pistols & cc weapon OR lasgun
5 officers

I think that is it, although if i need something badly I might get it if my money permits.

I would love some advice, and I am currently making rosters myself to, but I could use some guidelines/suggestions/rosters that are tournement orientated. Any tactics would be lovely too as I have very little experience.

I hope that this thread can be helpful for other persons then me, so please feel free to comment on something that is irrellevent for me (as long as you keep to the subject).

-Thank you in advance LO.