[1000] Grenadiers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000] Grenadiers

    im not even sure if this would work at all cause it seems like too little bodies but idk give me your thoughts

    HQ: Command Squad: 1JO, 1 standard bearer, 1 medic, 2member lascannon team

    Troop: 8 Grenadiers 1 veteran seargant w/ power weapon, 2w/ Plasma + Chimera w/ hb
    8 Grenadiers 1 veteran seargant w/ power weapon, 2w/ Flamer + Chimera w/ hb
    8 Grenadiers 1 veteran seargant w/ power weapon, 2w/ Grenade Launcher + Chimera w/ hb
    HS: 1 Leman Russ w/ lascannon + heavy bolter sponsons 165pts
    1 Leman Russ w/ Heavy bolter + heavy bolter sponsons 155pts

    total 998 pts

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    Righto. As someone who plays a Grenadiers list myself, I'll try to offer a little advice.

    First off: get rid of the vet. sergeants w/ power weapons. Regardless of how much better they are than regular Guardsmen, Storm Troopers should try to avoid close combat if they can. Also, you might want to reconsider the flamers on that one squad. I personally love putting Plasma Guns in the hands of my Grenadiers - it's great against all those annoying high save units and it's got decent range.

    Second: Redo the command squad. You don't need the standard bearer or the medic. My advice? Take Iron Discipline as a doctrine and give it to your JO along with an Honrofica Imperialis and put a master-vox in the squad, then give all your squads a vox-caster. You should keep this unit out of sight and just use it for leadership - maybe pop in a mortar so you can shell enemy infantry from a safe hiding place.

    Third: Get rid of one of the Chimeras and invest in some anti-tank. Maybe a Hardend Vets squads with melta-gun/Lascannon. They can infiltrate AND they've got a high BS. Or just throw in an Anti-tank Support Squad with three Missile Launchers/Lascannons and let 'em have it from a good, safe distance. Or maybe something else. I don't know. Just get more anti-armour fast.

    Finally: Consider trading one of the Russes in for a Basilisk or two. It'll free up some extra points that you might be able to use elsewhere.

    Other than that, I can tell you that Grenadiers lists are definitely playable, even if they have "low body count" for a Guard army. I use a 1000pt. list that only has 41 infantry (just 9 more than your list) that has done extremely well for me.
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