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Thread: 1850 list

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    1850 list

    Reclusiarch - Bike, Termie Honours, Frag, Teleport Homer - 137

    Reclusiarch - Jump Pack, Termie Honours, Frag, Teleport Homer - 127

    Termie Squad - 5 Termies, 1 ML (plan to DS) - 225

    Tac Squad - 5 SMs, 1 Heavy Bolter - 80

    Tac Squad - 5 SMs, 1 Plasma Cannon - 95

    Tac Squad - 1 PF Veteran Sarg, 9 SMs, 1 Melta Gun, Drop Pod - 220

    Tac Squad - 1 PF Veteran Sarg, 9 SMs, Drop Pod - 210

    Assault Squad - 1 PF Veteran Sarg, 9 SMs, 2 Plasma Pistols - 260

    Land Speeder Tornado - 80

    Land Speeder Tornado - 80

    Dev Squad - 7 SMs, 3 ML, 1 LC - 200

    Predator Annihilator - Sidemounted Heavy Bolters - 135

    Total - 1849

    I don't know if I'm starting with too much off the table or not. I don't have Rhinos so the DPs are my only way to get the PFed Tac Squads accross the table without foot sloging.

    I plan on speeding the bike to where the terminators need to go, then using the homer to make sure they don't die. If the bike fails, I still have the homer from the chappie in the tac squad. Would it be a better idea to give the chappie's homer to the vet sarg in the assault squad?

    I have the dev squad set up with the LC since they all have the same range. It would be a little chaper to put the PC in the dev squad, but I've had games where the difference in range makes me choose between moving the dev squad to make the PC worth it, or staying still and firing the MLers.

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    Take 4 MLs, and give the second drop poding tactical squad a metla gun, and the preditor extra armour.

    Id ditch the preditor, i dont like those tanks, anything they can do, speeders can do better.


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