I am going to play in a small Cities of Death tournement for 750pts armys. I have many minis past this one, so please come with suggestions even for moddels not included. I really need your help!

Command Platoon 96pts
-HSO: bolter
-1 medic, 1 heavy bolter, 1 plasmagun

Infantry Platoon 224pts
-JO: Plasma pistol, CC weapon, Honorifica Imperialis
-4 Flamers

-Heavy bolter, plasmagun

-Heavy bolter, plasmagun

Infantry Platoon 251pts
-JO: bolter
-Lascannon, plasmagun, medic

-Lascannon, plasmagun

-Missile launcher, plasmagun

-Hellhound: smoke launchers, 2 hunter-killer missiles 138pts

I have thought about excluding the Hellhound and then taking a mortar team and/or some conscripts. Maybe even take off an infantry platoon.
I would love to have the camo for better coversaves, but I am unsure on how to make the room (pointwise).

Thank you in advance!