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    1000ish Point Army Advice

    Ok, so I purchased this army from a friend, and this is roughly what it is made of. So I am wondering if this is a decent set up, and what I should do with the 56ish points for wargear, and where I should go when Upgrade the next 500pts. Also, It is a Dark Angel army if that gives you any more ideas. Also, if you would please could you double check the point values. Thanks a bunch.

    Command Squad
    1 Chaplain 70 points
    6 bodyguards 105 points

    HQ 175 points


    8 SM 120
    1 flamer +6
    1 missile launcher +10
    Squad Alpha 136

    8 SM 120
    1 flamer +6
    1 missile launcher +10
    Squad Beta 136

    8 SM 120
    1 missile launcher +10
    1 melta gun +10
    Squad Cappa 140

    Fast Attack

    5 SM 125
    2 Plasma Pistols +10
    Squad Delta 135

    Heavy Support

    5 SM 120
    1 Lascannon +35
    1 Multi-Melta +35
    1 Plasma Cannon +35
    Squad Gamma 225

    Total Points 947

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    First, you need to buy the 4th edition space marine codex.

    Second, you need to buy the second edition Dark Angles Codex, if you dont already have it.

    [QUOTE]1 Chaplain/QUOTE]

    Give this guy terminator honours, frags, a bolt pistol, and his standard equipment, plus a jump pack.

    Your list needs a lot of work, it would be easier for me to simply regorganise it, instead of reveiwing indevidual squads.

    5 SM 125
    2 Plasma Pistols +10
    Squad Delta 135
    But first do these guys have jump packs? Ill assume they do.

    HQ, Chaplian, 2 wounds, 122
    Terminator honours, jump pack, frags, bolt pistol.

    Troops, tactical squad 90

    5 marines, 1 holds lascannon.

    Troops, tactical squad: 95

    5 marines, 1 holds plasma Cannon.

    Troops, tactical squad: 220
    10 man, 1 melta gun, veteran sgt, powerfist, drop pod.

    Fast Attack, Assault Squad: 260
    10 assault marines, 2 hold plasma pistols, 1 veteran sgt, powerfist.

    Heavy Support, Devastators: 165
    7 space marines, 3 rockets.

    Alright, well it would still be pretty ugly, but its about the simplest changes you can make to get a good army.

    The devs would be best at 8 man 4 MLs.

    The tactical squads would be best at 6 man, 1 lascannon/plasma cannon, 1 plasma gun.

    To make the changes above, youll basically need to pick up 5 more assault marines, a jump pack for the chaplain, and 2 veteran sgts with powerfists, shouldnt be to bad.

    Good Luck.

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