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    1850 pts space wolves tourney list

    This is the list i've compiled for an upcoming tourney. Would this be considered tourney sound? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    HQ: -Rune Priest w/: Runic armor, rune weapon, runic charm, Wolf tooth necklace, wolf pelt, plasma pistol, wolf tail talisman, Belt of Russ=199 pts
    -Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/: Frost Blade, bolt pistol, wolf tooth necklace, wolf pelt, runic charm, wolf tail talisman=105
    -Venerable Dreadnaught w/: assault cannon, heavy flamer= 165 pts

    Elites: -*Wolf Guard:
    + Wolf Guard Leaders:
    -Grey Hunters 1: Bolter, P. Axe, wolf pelt=44 pts
    -Grey Hunters 2: Bolt pistol, P. sword, wolf tail talisman=37 pts
    -Scouts: Bolter, wolf tail talisman, P. spear=37 pts
    -Wolf Scouts 6 w/: 6xmeltabombs, 6xFrag grenades, 2xSniper Rifle, (bolters at no additional cost), melta-gun=134 pts

    Troops: -Grey Hunters 1(9) w/: 8xBolters and close combat weapons, 1xPlasma gun, 1xP. Fist, 1xP. Sword=198 pts
    -Grey Hunters 2(9) w/: 9xBolters, 1xmelta-gun=169 pts
    -Blood Claws 1(9) w/: 2xP. Weapon, 1xFlamer, 1xplasma pistol, RHINO w/hunter killer=221 pts
    -Blood claws 2(10) w/: 2xP. Weapon, 1xMeltagun=164 pts

    Fast Attack: -Blood Claws Bike Pack(3) w/: 1xMeltagun, 2x P. Weapon=114 pts

    Heavy Support: -Leman Russ Exterminator w/: hull mounted heavy bolter, heavy bolter side sponsons=195 pts
    -Long Fang Pack(5) w/: Bolter & close combat weapon(leader), 1xLascannon, 3xMissile Launchers=204 pts

    * the wolf guards' numbers coincide with the squad numbers incase you are wondering which theyre attached to. Also the battle leader will be attachedto the 9 man blood claw squad, which i will probably have on foot rather than the ten man, which will go in the rhino.

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    Try to replace power weapons with fists, much more effective.

    Umm... I can't help much otherwise, All that SW stuff doesn't hold a place in my tactics section of my brain...


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