2000 Marine list - friendly rev. 1 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 Marine list - friendly rev. 1

    Chaplain - jump pack, frags, bolt pistol

    3x 9 man tac squad - TH, PF, 2 meltaguns, drop pod

    2x 6man scout squad - missile launcher, sniper rifles

    3x 9 man assault squad - melta bombs, TH, PF, furious charge

    2x whirlwinds

    Cleanse and purify (2 special weapons in tac squads)
    Can't remember the name (furious charge for assault squads)

    1999 points

    The whirlwinds will stay out of LOS and drop mines everywhere, scouts take cover and snipe what they might, assault squads (lead by the chap) move down the board using terrain as cover, drop the tac squads in areas as needed.

    I'm hoping the mines will help to slow and thin enemy squads as they move through them, tac squads can kill tanks and walkers with meltas the turn they drop, melta bombs on assault squads can also take out tanks and/or walkers. All the sergeants have powerfists and at least three attacks on the charge. Every unit except the scouts are LD 9.

    Every unit has at least some ability to take out armor.

    What do you think? Will I get my @$$ handed to me? See any glaring issues?


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    Your ass can stay off my plate. This list is fine. You can set up deathtraps with those mines, then spring it with the Assault Marines. The Drop podding twin Melta squads are genius, nothing will like 9 men coming out and boltering them and maybe melta-ing their juicy tanks.

    Furious charge on Jetarines is a godsend, especially with that powerfisted sarge. I like the Chaplain getting a big choice too, if one squad dies he can move on. Well done.

    The scouts are a nice addition. I mean, the Whirlwinds are nice and all, but mines can be avoided and the missiles do tend to scatter. Sniper rifles will pin anything they hit nicely, keeping them back for more mines to land or to keep them where theJetarines can hit them. Then the missile launcher is worthy to pop the occasional walker or medium tank.

    The organisation is very low maintenance, easy to control, hard to beat, and most of all NASTY! The only drawback to your list is the many potential opponents just itching to yell CHEESE at you for having such an efficient group.

    Good stuff. You win an internet.
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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